Teen Wolf Season 4

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Season 4 wasn’t my favourite season of the show, but it was still pretty good. I found it a little confusing and hard to follow sometimes. The plot jumps around a bit and introduces a lot of characters only to kill them off that same episode, so you don’t really feel as connected to the situation because it feels temporary. The whole idea is that there is a dead pool of everyone who is supernatural in Beacon Hills. The lists are created by a mystery person and attached to each person is a number to represent the amount of money in millions they are worth. When killed, the “Benefactor” wire transfers money to the assassins. The group has to find out who is behind it, how to stop it, and how to keep their friends and other supernatural groups from being killed.

In this season they introduce two new characters, Liam and Marcus. Scott bites Liam in an attempt to save his life. Scott has to teach him how to be a werewolf and how t control the shift. It creates a fun dynamic between Scott, Stiles, and Liam where they act like his dads and want to protect him. At first, I didn’t like Liam because he was entitled, rude and most importantly threatened Scott and Stiles’ position on the Lacrosse team. In the end, though I really liked his character and he added to Scott’s development as the true alpha, a leader, and a teacher.

We get to see more of Kira and Malia in this season and they are awesome. Malia is really funny and is still adjusting to being a human. I really like her and Stiles’s relationship and how he tries to coach her through her new life. Kira on the other hand had very little development this season and we still don’t know the lengths of her power. It isn’t really till the end that we see she learns how to heal like the other werewolves. I hope to see more of her in season 5 because Kira and Malia have quickly become two of my favourite characters. 

Stiles is still my favourite character. When all the characters are supernatural, Stiles maintains the human element of the show. He was not as present this season as in the previous season, because he played less of a role in the overall plot. Especially since the plot of season 4 was directly connected to Lydia and her being a banshee, so Lydia took on the role of detective more than Stiles. I would have liked to see more of Stiles in this season, but at the same time the entirety of 3B was about him so I can give them a break.

This season was really about Scott becoming a better leader and Lydia discovering more about her abilities as a banshee. Lydia’s grandma had a direct connection to the dead pool and the banshees because she was one. So when Lydia got bit by Peter earlier in the show, she didn’t become a werewolf, she became a banshee because that is her true form. 

Speaking of Peter, I really thought he was on the good side now. I was genuinely frustrated with his character because he went from being a part of the pack to the bad guy all over again. All of a sudden he is working with Kate, who by the way they should not have brought back. I never liked Kate and found her character annoying, so to bring her back from the dead when they had created all of these new bad guys only to kill them all off made no sense. We never learn much about the orphans, the mute, and the chemist and what their motives are beside the money. Why can’t one of them be the benefactor? What is the point in going backwards in Peter’s development and bringing Kate back? 

Overall, I still really enjoyed this season despite its jumpy plot and character development. I really like a lot of the newer characters that were introduced between seasons 3 and 4, and I’m excited to see them do more in season 5. I think season 3 was the best season so far and this one falls short of the expectations I had for it coming off of season 3. I wish they split season 4 up the same way they split season 3. This was just better from a pacing and storytelling point of view. I still absolutely love this show and will definitely keep watching. If you have made it this far and are still not watching Teen Wolf… go do it right now, you know you want to!


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