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Anyone But You follows Ben and Bea who despise each other after a big misunderstanding. They are unfortunately reunited at Bea's sister's destination wedding in Australia. Ben wants to get back with his ex-girlfriend who is a member of the wedding party, and Bea's parents invite her ex-fiance to the wedding without her knowledge. Ben and Bea pretend to be a couple so that Ben can get the attention of his ex-girlfriend and Bea's parents stop trying to get her back together with her ex-fiance. All of course does not go according to plan and hilarity ensues. This is such a fun movie and I think it’s one of the best rom-coms I’ve seen in a long time. Our theatre was dying of laughter and clapping during the movie. I had a great time watching this one in the theatre.

Honestly, rom-coms get a bad rap for being cheesy and typically derivative plot-wise. This rom-com is no ordinary rom-com. It is beautifully shot, the shooting locations are stunning, and the cast is made up of an amazing group of A-list actors. Also, there are a lot of adventure-type scenes where the characters have to navigate the elements like falling into shark-infested waters and giant spiders. This is a part of what made this movie so fun to watch and stand out compared to other rom-coms.

I love Glenn Powell and Sydney Sweeney already and was excited to see this movie because of them, but they did a really good job in this film. Everyone in this movie is absolutely stunning and the casting of this movie is brilliant. I loved seeing Dareen Barnet and Alexandra Shipp in this movie, and I wish they had more screen time. The side characters were a lot of fun and I thought the group’s tactics to try to get them to be together was really funny. 

The shooting locations and landscape shots are beautiful. Australia provides a unique setting for an American rom-com film with American actors. I also liked the little quotes on the walls or in the sand, it felt like small easter eggs throughout the film which made the movie just that much better. A small detail to most, but I think this demonstrates the film’s attention to detail. Something you don’t always find in this genre.

The film reminded me of ‘Just Go With It’, both are enemies-to-lovers rom-coms in a destination vacation-type setting. I think this movie took a unique take on the enemies-to-lovers trope, which is a hard thing to do in Hollywood. I would have liked for the side characters in the wedding party to have a little more screen time and a little more build-up for when Ben and Bea do get together. Even though you know it's coming, I think it needed more will-they-won't-they at the wedding. I also found Bea’s side problem with her dropping out of law school to be kind of unnecessary. They also never resolved this as she doesn’t end up deciding where she wants to go to school or what she wants to do with her life outside of being with Ben.

Overall,  I really enjoyed this movie and had a lot of fun in the theatre with this one. This is amazing casting and the locations are stunning. It's not the deepest movie in the world, but what I like about this genre and this film is that it's just fun and you leave the theatre in a good mood. The movie is so funny and I highly recommend it to those who just need a laugh. 


  1. Excited to see this!! Thanks for the great review Meg!!

  2. Just stumbled upon this site, that was well done review, keep it up! I myself really enjoyed this one movie too.

    1. Thanks Ronald! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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