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Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1

  Finally, season 3 of Bridgerton is here! The last time I watched this show I was hopped up on painkillers after getting my wisdom teeth taken out, so it’s about time. I love Colin, he’s my favourite male Bridgerton character so I am excited that it is finally his season. The relationship between Penelope and Colin has been teased and so well developed over the past two seasons that it's exciting that they finally get their season. I love the focus on Penelope, she is so much more developed as a character in this season and we get to see many other sides to her. She has always been in the background and has played a much smaller role, so it’s fun to see her take the lead. Nicola Coughlan is such a talented actor and I think she brings so much more to Penelope this season. Eloise is my favourite character in the whole show. She has an interesting relationship with both Penelope and Colin, so we get a lot more screen time with her. I am curious to see what happens when Colin finds o

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