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Love Lies Bleeding

  Love Lies Bleeding is... insane. It left me speechless by the end, which if anyone knows me is not an easy feat. This movie is bad shit crazy and I loved it. Kristen Stewart is incredible in this, this might be my favourite role that I have seen her do. Katy O Brian’s performance is fantastic in this film, I think this is the first time I have ever seen them in anything and they blew me away. The dynamic between Lou and Jackie is so exciting to watch because they are both so intense characters. You really don't know where their relationship is going to go next.  I loved the casting for this movie. A couple of surprise castings in the film were Jena Malone as Beth, Lou’s sister and Dave Franco as JJ her abusive husband. I honestly haven’t seen either of them in anything in a while, so it was a good surprise for these side characters. Ed Harris’s character in this movie is terrifying. I was genuinely petrified of his character throughout the entire film. I feel like you never know

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