This movie was so much better than I was expecting. The reviews and public opinions seemed generally disappointed with it so I was a little skeptical, but I actually really loved this movie. It’s not the deepest and most interesting Pixar movie ever, but it is still really fun and a different take on the classic character. I was supposed to see the Weeknd concert in Toronto but it was cancelled, thank you Rogers… so Lightyear was the next best thing. I otherwise would not have seen it or would have probably waited for it to be on Disney plus. I wish it was a little more original but I did like the concept of the film.

I love the voice actors that worked on this film. Taika Waititi, Chris Evans and Keke Palmer were all amazing. I loved the characters and found them a lot of fun. Sox was my favourite character and that little robot cat has my whole entire heart. I think they were smart in choosing actors with unique voices that people can point out, while also being generally popular and well-respected actors. I was more excited about the press tour for this film more than the film itself. I think the marketing of this film was more appealing to teens and the people who grew up with Toy Story rather than to kids. 

I liked the concept of the film of it being the original movie starring Buzz Lightyear that Andy watched growing up. I wish it had more connections to the original Toy Story movies, however, I like that it is its own stand-alone thing. I don’t think this movie needed to be made, and honestly I found it a bit lazy on the creativity but I still really enjoyed it. It made me laugh, cry and go through all of the emotions. Pixar is and has always been good at creating characters that you can really connect with that make you feel things. It had a strong story arch, the pacing was good, and overall the layout of the film was well done. The characters are very well developed and you really get to know them in a short period of time. When certain characters don’t make it, even though you haven’t really been given the time to get to know the character, you still feel sad for them.

Even though our theatre was practically empty, the people who were around us were laughing so hard. It was an enjoyable experience to be with people who seemed to be having such a good time. An issue Disney seems to be running into is that with its own streaming service, people are starting to assume new Disney movies will be available on the service soon and are opting to wait for them to be available on Disney Plus. I still think people should get out and see these movies, and I think Disney should hold off on putting new movies up on the platform until they have had a good run in the theatres first. 

This film is a lot of fun and for a film based on a pre-existing character, it still managed to be creative and stand out. The movie did not do nearly as well as other Disney Pixar films and this kind of proves that audiences won’t just go to the theatre just because it’s Disney. Same with Marvel, Star Wars, etc, you expect quality, creative and unique stories when you go to see these films. I think recently we have been getting a lot of sequels, spin-offs, and recycled storylines that don’t offer anything new. I get using pre-existing IP to make money, but audiences want to see something new. I grew up with Toy Story and the character of Buzz Lightyear. What I like about this film is even though it takes a character people already know and love, it did something different and created a story I wouldn’t have expected them to do.


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