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DUNE is the greatest film I’ve seen this year. I already can’t wait to see it again when it comes out in theaters on October 22nd. I will almost definitely end up seeing it again and again in theatres. I am currently reading the book (as confusing and long as it may be) and I really think this is a proper and well-made adaptation. They were so smart with what they brought to the film version and what they left out. I think if you have read the books and enjoyed them you will love this film and the world they have created.

This cast is one of the greatest ensembles I have seen since Avengers Endgame. It is incredible to me how they got some of these actors and the sheer number of A-listers. So much talent in one film. I am obsessed with Timothee Chalamet’s work, he is easily one of the most talented actors of his generation. For a project like this, you need a strong lead and I think he was perfect to take on this role. Oscar Issac is another of my favourites in this film, I think his performance really stood out to me. Obviously, I knew him from his work in Star Wars, another sci-fi film franchise. I think the two characters are very different and show how he can go from playing the hyperactive, and I quote “trigger happy flyboy” to a serious father figure in Dune. The film also includes the likes of Dave Bautista, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Mamoa, Josh Brolin, Zendaya, Stellan Skarsgard, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and David Dastmalchian. And the list goes on.

I really hope we get a sequel or many more Dune movies. The film ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and it builds up at the end like there is more story to be told. The movie has its slow moments and it is two and a half hours long, but when it ends you want it to keep going somehow. Given there are six books I assume there is more on the way or at least I hope there will be. The opening also titles the film as “Dune Part I” so either there is more to come or they are waiting to see how the film does in theatres. I would assume with the hype it is already receiving that this is a given but who really knows anymore after covid, especially with an expensive project like this.

This film is beautiful. The set design, the costumes, the lighting, it's amazing. Denis Villeneuve's direction is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like DUNE before. I was so fortunate to see him speak at TIFF and he seemed so genuinely happy to be there and show his film. You could tell it was a project he was very proud of. 

I love sci-fi films, and I know they tend to be repetitive but this one is truly unique. It is such an ambitious project, some of the things in the book you would never think were even possible without today’s technology. Just the scale of the sets and effects is amazing. They have truly created a new world, I'm hoping Dune becomes the new Star Wars or Marvel Cinematic Universe

It will be interesting to see how this film does come awards season. I imagine they will be up for sound, music, set design, costume design, and all the production ones like that. It is a very artistic film so I am hoping it is not shut out like Star Wars and Marvel movies usually are. Sci-fi films are typically shunned out of the Oscars but I feel like this will be the one to break that pattern. 

Go out and see this movie in theatres. It deserves to be seen on a big screen. This is the type of film that is made to be seen in IMAX, with loudspeakers, in the dark, with friends and family. This is an experience and I think this will be the film that really brings back movie lovers to the theatres again.

November 18 update: I have officially seen DUNE four times in theatres. This might be one of my favourite films of all time. It is a whole new universe and every time I see it gets better and I notice something I did not before. I have seen it three times in IMAX and once in regular, and I never realized what a difference that makes. This movie should be seen on the biggest screen possible as loud as possible. The time I saw it at Yonge and Dundas in IMAX, it was so loud I had a headache and my ears hurt. But I loved it even more. This film is beautiful and I think it is the film to bring people back to the theatres and if you haven't seen it yet you are missing out on a film phenomenon. I am also very excited that they have announced Dune 2!


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