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I wanted to love this movie so badly but it really didn’t turn out the way I hoped, which is really disappointing because I love the original series. The accouncement for this movie felt like it came out of nowhere and the final product looks rushed and cheap. Teen Wolf fans have been begging for a seventh season and this was not the continuation of the series that fans deserved. I really wanted a reboot or seventh season but I wish they had left the series alone if THIS was what they were going to do with it.

On the positive side, I am pleasantly surprised they were able to get a lot of the main cast to return for the movie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reboot get this many people from the original cast to come back like this. Obviously, there were some key actors missing including Dylan O’Brien and Arden Cho. Their absense was really obvious since they pulled from storylines from the original series that heavily involved them both. Although, I liked how they tried to use Derek’s son Eli as a 'mini Stiles', I just don’t think they committed to it enough for him to be an effective comedic relief. They also replaced Kira with another girl who is also a Kitsune and they didn't explore her character at all. I really liked Jackson as an additional comedic relief and I wish he had a bigger role. He ended up being my favourite character in the movie which is funny since I really didn’t like his character in the show. I also didn’t like that Liam and Mason never talk to each other in the entire movie and are barely in the movie. They are supposed to be best friends and they don’t say more than a couple words to each other in passing.  

The pacing for this movie was so off. You can tell the team are so used to making this a series. There is so much pointless filler and then the important parts are so rushed. I felt so disconnected from what was happening on screen. Even the main characters that I normally love had little to no screen time to explore where they were now and what they have been up to the last ten years. I think they were on the right track with this story, it was just poorly executed. I also don’t understand why the film needed to be rated R, it could have easily made it G-rated like the series was. I guess they wanted to age it up from the original series, but the R rating made it not feel like Teen Wolf. 

I liked the callbacks to the original series, like the jeep, Greenburg, and the flare. Except there were a few things that were brought back that I didn't remember ever happening and were not explained well. For example, I completely forgot about the chemistry teacher in the show and what he did. But I liked that they brought the jeep back and were able to incorporate it into the story. However, I don’t understand why the sheriff just hands the car to a kid without his license. In the beginning, they are so mad at him for stealing it and driving without a license and by the end, they don’t care at all.

I like that they brought Allison and Scott back together since that’s what I think every fan wanted. I do not understand why they ruined Stiles and Lydia’s relationship. They did not need to explain Stiles’ absence, they could have just left it as he is working for the FBI and that he’s busy. They didn’t need to break up the one couple they actually put together. I get Dylan O’Brien wasn’t a part of the film but they didn’t have to ruin his character’s arc. 

I still have some questions about the movie that may never be answered, like who is Eli’s mom? Derek just has a kid and we don’t know where he came from. Also, how are they playing lacrosse in this college stadium and how is it sold out for a high school lacrosse game? Why did they need to play lacrosse in this movie? Especially Scott, he is about 30 playing on the high school team when it has nothing to do with the plot. There are so many plot holes and random unexplained magic. 

I felt that Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes and Ian Bohen were the only castmembers who slipped right back into their characters. Everyone else’s acting felt forced and like they were having a hard time playing their characters again. I think they could have done more with Lydia and Malia in the movie and that if they took out most of the filler in this movie they would have had time to do more with these characters. I think they had too many actors who wanted to come back and didn’t know how to incorporate them all in effectively.

Overall I’m disappointed in the movie and it ruins the series' ending. I’m glad I watched it but I don’t think it was worth my time. It made me want to go back and watch the original series, but I don’t think I will ever watch the movie again. The whole movie was very rushed and had no story arc at all. If you have never seen Teen Wolf before don’t watch the movie just watch the show, because the show is amazing and I highly recommend that. If you are a Teen Wolf fan, I’d tell you to skip this one and just rewatch the show.


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