2020 Golden Globes

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The 2020 Golden Globe’s Awards show this year was overall well done and went off without a hitch. Typically, I am unhappy with the outcome of certain awards and angered by snubs but this year was not too bad. Snubs will happen, all people don’t all like the same things but this year was exceptionally consistent with my picks. The show was enjoyable and the hosting of Ricky Gervais, although controversial at times, was generally quite funny and entertaining. However, I’d still suggest shortening the event given it is simply an awards ceremony without any performances. It gets boring for anyone who is not invested in film and film culture. I was one of the only people I knew who actually watched this year’s Golden Globes, most simply looking to social media afterwards to tell them who won.

In terms of this year’s snubs, Euphoria was this year’s biggest snub. HBO’s LGBTQ+ series was absent from the awards nominations leaving fans of the show stunned. Especially since it received so much praise for its subject matter in today’s society and outstanding acting. As always academy awards shows tend to leave out the Science fiction and adventure films. Therefore, it was not a surprise when Endgame was left off the winners list. The box office breaking film is just another of Marvel’s line of films that have not been recognized for its production. At least they have the box office success and many of the public’s choice based awards to show for it. Additionally, these awards shows tend to really hate on Disney. The films Frozen 2, The Lion King and Toy Story 4 were all nominated under the ‘Best Animated Feature’ category and yet, Disney was shut out. Instead the film Missing Link won the award where the people who went to accept the award looked honestly stunned that they had won over the three films. Additionally, I believe that Jojo Rabbit could have been up for more awards. I say this especially given its prominent 6 nominations at this year’s Oscars. In comparison the other Oscar nominated films were in every category and got more attention than JoJo Rabbit.

The show also had many sweet moments, one that stood out to me was Kate Mckinnon and her speech for Ellen Degeneres. This was a lovely moment and a nice tribute to Ellen and her career. It was interesting to see how she impacted someone as famous and successful as Kate Mckinon. The same could be said about the montages of both Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks’ careers. They summed up the likes of their careers very well and was definitely a prominent moment in the awards show. I liked Tarentino and Phoenix’s speeches given they were both very funny and blunt. The host of the Golden Globes this year for the fifth and final time was Ricky Gervais. Who as presumed made inappropriate and controversial jokes throughout the night. Some of his jokes were funny while others went too far. Celebrities were notably uncomfortable as observed among audience members. I think they didn’t know whether or not to laugh or pretend he didn’t say anything. The presenters did a good job and were well chosen. My personal favourites being Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanson, and Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd didn’t say much he was just there while J-lo did all the work but he was there! The awards themselves generally went to those I believed deserved it the most. As expected my most Joaquin Phoenix won ‘Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama’ for his role Joker. The award that stood out to me was Awkwafina’s win for ‘Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy’ and Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’s many wins. Overall, a successful and enjoyable Golden Globes for 2020.


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