Charlie's Angels

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The movie reboot of the previous 2000s film and television series, was disappointing to say the least. Let's just say it is deserving of its current 51% on rotten tomatoes. The movie was slow paced and overall lacked any story depth. Honestly, the film was nothing special.

The only things that stood out to me were the setting/location, soundtrack, and costume design. The setting changes were well done and I liked the pink titles alongside the view of each city. From the closet scene to the streets of Istanbul, the setting properly fits each scene well. The soundtrack of the film stands out as the only part of the film worth any real praise. The soundtrack saw the likes of Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey with songs like “Don’t Call Me Angel”, “Nobody” and “Got Her Own” as the best of the album. As for costume design I think they did a good job at showcasing the women as bad-asses and not for sex appeal. To me the costume design fits the idea of their ideal audience which was teen girls.

Throughout the film you are waiting for it to kickoff, yet it never does. The whole story is slow and not interesting. The plot was very predictable and the big reveal of the true “bad guy” was not anything out of the ordinary cinema. The plot had little to no depth and showcased nothing you likely haven't already seen.

The part off screen that sparked the most interest for me was Elizabeth Bank’s comments regarding her own film. If you have not heard/seen what she said I suggest reading them for context. She as the director and writer, promoted and made comments about the film pushing feminism over the actual movie itself. Banks basically said that you should see the movie since money is power and if you don’t see it you are going along with the idea that male centered movies are more important. While, I don’t believe this is exactly what she meant to say, the way she put down Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman for being a part of a male genre, I found an unfair argument. Captain Marvel made over a billion dollars and had an estimated 50/50 turn out between men and women. I would say that the two movies opened the doors for women more than Charlie’s Angels. A movie should be made because it has a story worth telling. I believe this is not a way to make a movie and if anything it pushed the opposite as it had the opportunity to be really good but failed. I think by pushing this so much it took away from the story, and left fans of the original film disappointed. I think her comments distracted people from the movie itself. Instead her viral comments have become controversial.

I would have loved to have seen this movie be successful, but the way this movie was gone about annoys me. This issue of women’s representation in cinema is a problem and should be the center of a movie like this one. However, should not take away from the movie and the work that was put into it. Maybe this was not the right way to go about this project, since Charlie’s Angels is a loved series and film from the past.


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