Avengers: Endgame

Marvel Studios’ box office smashing hit Avengers: Endgame was the film of a generation and will go down as a film that captures our pop culture today. Beating out Avatar as the #1 movie at the box office, this movie creates the perfect end to the cinematic masterpiece of Marvel’s last twenty one films. It was a great send off to fan favourites Captain America and Iron Man, while serving a satisfying ending. This was a film made for fans and is a proper example of how ‘fan service’ if done right can be really successful. It brought the series to an epic and tragic conclusion, kick starting a new age of Marvel cinema and variety of series. The film sparks a lot of questions for upcoming films and where everyone stands now that our beloved heroes are back from the aftermath of the snap. With the new Black Widow movie on its way and Disney + series like ‘Loki’, ‘Wanda Vision’ and ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ there is a lot of excitement that's been created recently. With that we can not wait to see what Marvel brings out next.

An observation of this film is that it uses a lot of fan service, to appeal to the die hard fans of the franchise that have been fans since the beginning. If you are an avid fan you were more likely to catch onto the call backs of the previous films. For starters, the film goes back to different periods of time throughout the MCU timeline. For example Tony, Bruce, and Steve go back in time to the battle of New York from the first Avengers movie, while Nebula and Rhodey go to the planet Morag in 2014 where Peter Quill first got the power infinity stone. I liked this because they did not just go back to significant times in the MCU but connected all of the movies together. Additionally, it provided a new take on the past events and characters. My favourite being the iconic scene of Peter dancing to ‘Come and Get Your Love’ on his Walkman in the cave, only to remove the music and make him look foolish. I also liked the call back they used to the elevator scene from ‘Captain America Winter Soldier’, which was one of Chris Evans’ favourite scenes from his time as Captain America. The call backs to previous films serves as a nice end because it goes back to where it all began, to the closing film. I think they did a really good job with this, the only problem being if you were not an avid fan, or didn’t see all the movies, you wouldn't understand what was going on. However, with easily one of the largest cinematic fan bases that was not a problem for Marvel Studios.

When I heard about the hybrid version of Hulk I wouldn’t say I was on board. But, after seeing the character and how he was incorporated it was done in a really great way. My favourite scenes with him are when they are testing out time travel “I see this as an absolute win”, the taco scene, and when he goes back in time to the battle of New York. They were able to show the compassionate side that is more Bruce Banner through the taco scene and show that he is still able to fight with the abilities of Hulk as seen in the final battle.

I think in this film you can really see the coming together of the entire marvel universe. Everyone from every movie is practically involved in this film. You can’t even imagine the payroll for this movie. The cinematography of the scene where everyone appears to join the fight is mesmerizing. When they all run towards Thanos’ army, it really shows how far cinema has come and the visual effects they have been able to create that has helped them thus far.

I went to the theater to see this movie twice. Easy to say I’m a fan of the franchise and the film itself. I think the way they went about the death of Tony Stark and of Steve Rogers was true to the characters. I loved how they brought back the “I am Iron Man” line from the first Iron Man movie, and how big “I love you 3000” became. It’s the little things, the details, that really stood out in this film. It is a very comedic movie for a movie that takes you on such an emotional roller coaster. The casting of this film is unbelievable and could never be done without the budget that Marvel was able to have. The amount of A list actors they can fit in this movie is practically unheard of. The actors as in all the previous films do a phenomenal job and it really comes through in the more emotional parts of the film. For example when Cap cries it shows vulnerability. It also plays to the idea that men and even superheroes can be sad or sensitive not just serious and strong all the time. This displayed both a good message to young boys while also being a good development of his character. Providing one more perfect scene by the character before his role comes to an end. We hope to see more of Cap or Tony in future films, even as flashbacks. They really were the leaders of this series of films. To lose these two fan favourites brings this era to both a tragic and exciting end.

This film was really important to so many people, and once again completely snubbed at the Academy Awards. Endgame crushed it at any awards shows/ ceremonies where the public decides. Shouldn’t the academy recognize films that represent pop culture? Instead Avengers Endgame had all of one nomination, for ‘Best Visual Effects’ and lost once again. How was this film not up for cinematography? Costume design? Directing? Original score? It really proves how they are not even considered no matter what they do. What more can you possibly want from Marvel to create for it to win practically anything. With the incredible effects used in this film it would be hard to believe they would not win. However, this is the Oscars, and they have been known to shut out these films and anything sci-fi for years. This is not the first Marvel/ Disney film to be shunned out and it is certainly not the last.





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