Oscars 2020

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Let’s talk Oscars! After much anticipation the Oscars awards show of 2020 has commenced, and was one of the best years. There were some surprises, snubs, and well deserved awards to some incredible people for incredible work. I laughed, cried, cringed… and jumped around my house screaming about JoJo Rabbit. There was practically nothing I was mad about or thought deserved an award considerably over another. It was a seemingly incredible night at this year’s Oscars.

I have to praise Parasite and 1917 for sweeping the awards this year. They were both masterpieces of film and were well deserving of their awards. I think 1917 really shows how stories from the past, that may be harder to discuss, are important stories to tell. The new level of skill that this film brought to the table, with the seamless one shot the film takes, is unprecedented. However, Parasite shows how we need to expose ourselves to films from around the world, because it looks like we might be missing out on some great cinema. I think Parasite really opened the door for what international film can be, and they well deserved ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best International Film’.

It was no secret that I was rooting for Jojo Rabbit to win all of the six categories they were nominated for. I was very proud they won ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’. I pretty much leaped off my couch, definitely a surprise. I loved seeing the video Brie Larson took of director Taika Waititi putting his Oscar under the seat in front of him. His speech was hilarious as he talked about how he lost his mother hours ago, and how he thanked her for giving him the book that inspired him to create Jojo Rabbit. I thought it was nice that Natalie Portman presented the awards given they will be working with each other in the near future for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. It was also nice that Timothee Chalamet from Little Women presented the award as well. I think the amazing thing about Jojo Rabbit is it was not like they were trying to win Oscars, it was not like it was their goal.

I thought it was funny at the end of the show when they cut off a speech for Parasite by turning off the lights. So Tom Hanks and Charlize Theron led the audience in a chant to get them to turn the lights back up, which they did. The show had already run over the allotted time so what was five more minutes going to really do. I did not like the lengthy veganism speech of Joaquin Phoenix which was a poor fit in light of his award. I thought it just did not fit.

To conclude, the Oscars was a well rounded event and better than last year’s show. The show really highlighted this year’s improvement of the film industry. I think it was a more light hearted atmosphere this year than we have seen in the past and it was simply a celebration of film and film culture. You may not like the academy or their choices sometimes, but the Oscars is one of the biggest events of the year and this year it went global.


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