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This film is absolutely incredible and it’s been one I’ve been referring to a lot of people recently. I think it is relevant in today’s society and is very eye opening to people who never learned about these kinds of issues in school. It was a film that left quite the impression on me. I believe everyone should see this piece of work at some point in their lives. It throws you right into the big issue and doesn’t hold back. It doesn’t shy away from telling the whole story. Spike Lee’s work proves the importance of storytelling in film and how film can be used to teach us about other points in time. If you really want to learn about racism in the states, this movie really forces you into it. I think this film carries a strong message that needs to be heard by all and that it really changes the way you think. If you are unfamiliar with this era of the 1970s I think it does a good job at bringing you into the time period and understanding what it was all about. The film dives into the hard stuff and you will open yourself up to a world you never knew existed or wish never existed for African American people.

You will feel uncomfortable at times but I think that’s part of the experience. It is a learning experience honestly. Film is a method of teaching in a way words and textbooks can never accomplish, and this film perfectly represents that. This Oscar nominated film proves that there is a place for films like these in Hollywood and that when we give films like these a spotlight they have great potential to impact us. The film highlights not only the issue but how people treated others and the ignorance towards the real issues. It seems that there was a real fear back then and paranoia, and that meant a general ignorance of people. Even though it has a very serious subject matter, it finds ways to be comedic at times. I really liked how they used this especially when Adam Driver’s character Flip is impersonating John David Washington’s character, Ron Stallworth with the ku klux klan. It is interesting to kind of see how Flip tries to fit in with this really vile group. Especially since Ron is behind the scenes and talking on the phone with the leaders, but in person they see Flip. I think the relationship between Patrice and Ron is an interesting dynamic since he has to choose between the work he is doing and saving the lives of the people in the protest she is running.

What is even more interesting is how this is based on a true story. In fact the character ‘Ron Stallworth is a real person who was the first African American police officer in Colorado Springs. He also infiltrated the ku klux klan, as what is depicted in the film. I think Spike Lee did a good job of sticking closely to what actually happened. I also liked how he used real footage from events that kind of makes you realize it's not just a movie, it's real life. They showed what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia for the rallies where a vehicle was driven into a crowd of people, killing Heather Heyer. Followed by the comments of the president, calling out the leadership of the states and how poor the response is in a crisis like this. This shows the tolerance that was allowed and how wrong his comments were. Since the film showcases a past event, I think the footage was well used to wrap up the film to show how its still happening today in our society.

At the 2019 Academy Awards Blackkklansman took home an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, and rightfully so. Additionally, they were nominated for best motion picture, best director, best actor in a supporting role (Adam Driver), and best film editing. At the Golden Globes they had a total of four nominations, yet no wins.

The pacing of the film is well thought out and effective for the work. I think the actors they chose for these roles are fitting and play their roles with great talent. Obviously, I really liked the story line and with that the way it makes you think. However, some scenes were difficult to watch from the perspective of cinematography. The shot types used didn’t typically use a lot of depth. One scene in particular is the bar scene where the shot used didn’t make sense. There were way too many over the shoulder shots where you would lose the emotion of the other person involved in the conversation. Furthermore, whenever another person would talk they would switch the angle and overall is a bit of a headache to look at. I did like the use of lighting throughout the film especially when they switch location as often as they do. It was consistent and used similar tones from scene to scene.

In conclusion, this film is important to understand the past and learn from past mistakes. The film highlights key issues and showcases how these issues are still around today. I think this film will become monumental in film history and teaches us how film can be used as a learning tool. I believe this film is a strong and moving piece that I encourage all to watch at some point in their lives. Whether for entertainment or education, I think we better understand each other when we open our eyes to the struggles of others.


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