MIB: International

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The film MIB: International is a funny sci-fi film bringing the franchise into a new era. The good thing about this film is you really don’t need to see the past films to understand this film. As long as you understand the basic idea being that it’s a secret agency that works with and against alien life on Earth. They also have cool pens that wipe away people’s memories. The film centers around the iconic duo of Chris Hemsworth, as Agent H and Tessa Thompson, as Agent M. The film lacks any real depth in terms of story line, however the pair and the humour they bring to the project basically save the film. As terrible as it has done on rotten tomatoes I honestly don’t believe it is that bad. Yes, it could have been better, but if you are a fan of the lead actors or just looking for something to watch it makes a good choice.

This film is not a reboot of the previous films, but a continuation. It lacks any real story line and jumps around a little too much. The story is simple and offers no real message or depth. It was like oh no there is a mole in the MIB, oh I wonder who it could be? I guessed who the mole was correctly the first time they came on the screen. Being so obvious it takes away from the overall mystery of the film. So really the rest of the film is just watching Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth's characters play off of each other as they get to this conclusion.

Tessa Thompson’s character Agent M/ Molly has this traumatic experience that involves her family and aliens. This event supposedly is why she knows about the men in black and how she comes to find them. This is revealed at the beginning of the film and basically never explored again. It also seems to barely affect her life, other than the fact that people thought she was crazy. Additionally, the parents are never brought up again and have no real significance at all.

If it wasn’t for the work of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth this film would be downright unwatchable. This dynamic duo did what they could with this script and made it any good. They bring something to this film that honestly no one else could. The duo returns off of their run together in Thor: Ragnarok, bringing humour and a buddy like friendship to this film. They carry the whole thing. So if you are a fan of them, you will like this movie. A character that was surprisingly hilarious was Kumail Najiani’s character Pawny. He serves as a real comic relief during serious times, adding funny one liners here and there. The character kind of keeps things interesting.

Furthermore, this film has some of the worst effects, especially for a 2019 film. Some scenes were almost funny because of how terrible the effects were. I think for a film from a franchise like this, they could have put a little bit more money into making the effects just that much better. It’s just not the quality and caliber you would expect from this kind of movie. Additionally, the film is PG-13 because of some suggestive material. It makes it not suitable for younger viewers who I think would actually really like this movie. If it was PG or G it could potentially serve a wider audience and bring in new viewers given this is an older franchise.

In conclusion, is it the best movie? Nope, but Hemsworth and Thompson are awesome. They worked with what they were given. They made the best of a mediocre story. It was still a pretty funny movie and worth taking a couple hours of your time to give it a watch.


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