Avengers: Infinity War


Seeing a Marvel movie on opening day is not like any other movie going experience. It’s a space where you can truly experience the pure reactions of other fans like you. You laugh, you cry, and you gasp together for those momentous two hours. I think what makes these films so great is that you can watch them again and again and still be thoroughly entertained. Avengers: Infinity is just one more of these great quality films. It really is the ultimate fan experience. Also, since the events of Covid-19, it has made it difficult to review new movie releases. Therefore, I’ll be turning to films I’ve already seen in the past to write about.

This film is so special and it sets up the following film, Avengers: Endgame so perfectly. I think Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame combined together, create one of the biggest movie phenomenons of all time. This is one of the greatest (and largest) cast ensembles of A-listers ever seen. Furthermore, the dynamic between all of these characters is amazing. It’s so interesting to see this one giant universe that’s been created finally come together. It showcases just how big this franchise has gotten when you see them all on screen.With such an extensive cast list it is impressive how equally divided screen time is amongst these characters. There isn’t one character that’s left behind in this film.

It’s an interesting film because the good guys lose for the first time. Which is so different from any other film. It’s practically unheard of where the bad guys win, because the good guys always win in movies. So, for that to happen in a film, especially one as popular as this one, is very surprising to see. This film really is Thanos’ film, the bad guy’s film. Thanos wipes out 50% of living things in the universe, including our beloved heroes. Leaving audience members astonished and left thinking how they could possibly leave it like this. Today, you could simply go watch part two as Avengers: Endgame is readily available. However, if you went to see it in theatres the realization that you had to wait another year to find out what happens next, hit quickly.

Therefore, I’d suggest this movie to fans of Marvel. It’s a movie made for the fans and you need the character backgrounds to understand and enjoy this movie. The film is a masterpiece and I love what the Russo Brothers did with it. Additionally, the film, like most Marvel films, has the most incredible effects and use of CGI. I think this combined with the unique story and amazing performances by the actors, makes this film simply incredible. At the time I didn’t think another movie would do as good as Infinity War in box office success so soon and then Endgame came along and crushed it. Avengers: Infinity War is available on Netflix and I highly recommend for those who understand at least a little about the previous films within the franchise.


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