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This movie can easily be described by its title, it is a movie about a crazy and stupid, love story. The movie was released back in 2011 and stars Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Emma Stone. It centers around these two guys who live completely different lifestyles, whose lives become intertwined. The overall concept of the film is great however, I wasn’t a huge fan of the execution. I was interested in watching this movie after I watched Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land. So I just wanted to see what this duo did together before their Oscar winning film.

I find that films like this one are built for a specific audience. This film is particularly good for people who like romantic comedies. I think this movie was really funny and just a feel good kind of story. It’s a good film to pass the time and have a laugh with. The film doesn’t really offer anything great stylistically or in the ways of cinematography. There isn’t anything that stood out to me as unique about this movie either. I didn’t have high expectations for this movie to begin with and I think it is quite an average movie.

The cast carries this entire movie, without them I don’t think it would be half of what it is. They essentially do all the work. It was a surprise to see big names like Marissa Tomei and Steve Carell in this movie because I wasn’t aware that they were in it. So I definitely think this film’s shining quality is this ensemble. Something I found hard to get past in this movie was its pacing. It takes forever to get to the point and starts off incredibly slow. They also have a lot of these scenes that don’t help move the plot along, they are just there without a purpose.

Therefore, I think this is a good film for people looking to kill time with something joyful and heartwarming. It’s not a great movie and not really the kind of film I generally watch. I find it just one of those other films you find on Netflix. It’s your average, everyday, run of the mill rom-com and it’s great for people who like those kinds of movies. If that’s not your style, I don’t think this is a movie made for you though.


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