Netflix Review

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It is easy to say that Netflix is the most widely used streaming service for film and television. Netflix to me is like the mother of all streaming platforms. It is easily the best one out there for numerous reasons. I find Netflix the easiest of the platforms available to use. It has an extensive collection of content from a range of genres. They do a good job of balancing the content between age groups so that there is something for everyone. Netflix makes it easy to switch between users and share the account across multiple devices at the same time. Their ‘recommended’ system is both very helpful and accurate. They make it almost impossible to not find something to watch.

Something I like that Netflix has is the ‘top 10’ in Canada. Which allows you to get a sense of what other people are watching. This is similar to what is popular on Netflix. Their categorizing makes sense and is well organized and presented. Another thing I like is the tab ‘latest’, so that you can easily discover what is new to the platform. What I like that other services don’t have is the ability to find what is arriving in the coming weeks and set reminders on your mobile device. This way you don’t miss a new show or movie you thought looked interesting. By setting a reminder it also automatically adds it to your list which I find helpful as well.

It’s overall just more visually appealing in comparison to other platforms. This allows you to browse easily. They also make it easy to find the content they recommend for you. I really like the ‘match’ feature, which is where they have created a percentage that a particular movie or show matches the content you like. This is helpful when deciding what to watch because if one film was at 90% and the other was 40%, I’d be more likely to choose the one with 90%. I also find it accurate, as it generally matches with the content I already watch and enjoy.

Something I admire a lot about Netflix is their original content. I think it is what truly makes this platform unique. It sets them apart from the other services out there. When looking at for example Apple tv originals, they just don’t measure up in comparison to Netflix. I think the content they have been able to produce like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Living With Yourself are simply incredible. Not to mention it opens doors for new filmmakers to get into the industry. An interesting fact about this area of Netflix is that a production hub is opening in Toronto. This is set to bring in new jobs and Canadian content to Netflix.

Therefore, I think if you don’t already have Netflix, I would definitely get it. If you don’t have any streaming services and are not sure where to start… I’d start with Netflix. I find that Netflix helps me access content that is no longer widely available. The service helps you discover both new and old content. Netflix offers a lot and it really is the #1 service out there. I use it regularly and the most in comparison to the other streaming services I have.


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