Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home: New Posters Go on a European Vacation ...

Spider-Man: Far From Home, is an action packed and hilarious movie that still holds the high school innocence of the previous Spider-Man films. I saw this film three times in theatres this summer and other than this film, I have never seen any movie more than twice at the theatre. First I saw it on opening day with my friend, then with my family, and then I forced all my friends to go see it for my birthday. Many of my friends are not into Marvel at all and had really no background from Avengers: Endgame, and even they liked it. Which I think goes to show how this movie really had something for everyone to enjoy.

When I saw it on opening day I don’t think there was a single person whose jaw did not drop during that end credit scene. Bringing up many questions like, what comes next for the web slinger? Is he on the run? We have never seen an on screen Spider-Man where everyone knows his identity. It’s just always been a part of his thing that no one knew who he was. This is a game changer for the character in general let alone this version of Spider-Man. Additionally, an interesting parallel to this is the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming when Aunt May finds out Peter is Spider-Man. Then in this film, apparently everyone finds out.

It was surprising to see the emotional range Tom Holland has and the talent he brings to this film. Peter Parker just goes through everything in this film. All he wants is a break from super hero duties following his trip to space during the Infinity War and Endgame saga. However, he is in way over his head when elemental creatures and Mysterio appear during his class trip to Europe. I think it’s really cool that we see Spider-Man in Europe because the character has never gone globally like this and we have never really seen anything like this in the Marvel Universe. Furthermore, Peter mourns the loss of his mentor and father figure, Tony Stark. He partially blames himself for what happened and he feels like he didn’t do enough. Thus, emphasizing his belief that he is just the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and can’t take on such a big threat.

Then Mysterio/ Quentin Beck swoops in and he’s a hero who can take on the elementals. He quickly makes a connection to Peter and gains his trust. He kind of takes on the mentor-ship role that Peter is missing right now, only to find out Mysterio is deceiving everyone. That moment in the film is such a great plot twist and Jake Gyllenhaal does a good job switching personalities so quickly. It’s like you just watched one character morph into a completely new one. The dynamic between Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal on and off screen is a very strong one, and will be interesting to see again if Mysterio is ever to somehow return.

In conclusion, this is a great quality film from the work of both Marvel and Sony. With Spider-Man officially back in the MCU, I can’t wait to see what he does next. I think this fan favourite character still has a lot of fight in him and a lot of story left to tell. This film is available on Crave as well as anywhere you can purchase movies. I really enjoyed this film and it has become one of my favourites that the MCU has to offer. Even if you are not 100% interested in Marvel films I think it’s still a great film where you don't have to understand everything going on to like it. Therefore, I highly recommend this film.


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