Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is an action packed super hero film unlike any other you’ve seen before. It stands out with a completely different feel in comparison to other films of the genre or any other Marvel film. It has this child-like innocence to it and this joy that you just don’t get from other movies. Maybe this is because they finally got a kid to play Peter Parker. You know actually getting a kid and not someone who is thirty years old to play a sixteen year old. In comparison to the other Spider-Man films this is definitely my favourite. I know people love the old Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of these films, but to me they just don’t measure up. I think this version of the character does justice to the comic books and the respected and iconic character itself.

I like how well this movie fits into previous Marvel films. Including how they connected the villain’s story to the cleanup from the attack on New York from the first Avengers film. I thought it was clever that the opening to the film was Captain America: Civil War but in the perspective of Peter Parker’s personal vlog/ “video diary”. It offers a new perspective of that entire scene that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of. I think it made for the perfect segway from right after/during the airport battle in Berlin to the events of this film.

After the events in Berlin all Peter wants to do is get back out there and be a hero. He got a taste of what big time super hero duties are like and all he wants is to be a part of the team. Peter is done with just being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and looking after the little guy. He thinks he’s ready for more than that now.

Peter waits all day impatiently, counting down the minutes to go swing around in his suit. Which gets you thinking, what would a kid do if he had these kinds of abilities. He’s a kid like us and he has to deal with the responsibilities of being a hero while also trying to fit in, in high school. Which I think is what makes this character so relatable as he's still just a high school kid.

I like how Tony Stark becomes his mentor through the duties of being a superhero. For Peter he becomes the father figure he has never really had. This is also such an interesting part of Tony’s character arc through the years, given he used to be so selfish and narcissistic. I think this shows that the character has really done a 180. Another familiar face in the film is Chris Evans in his cameos as Captain America. Throughout the film and in the end credit scene, Captain America adds a short and fun aspect to this film with his government mandated health and safety videos.

Their academic decathlon trip to Washington DC is really cool for me since I’ve been lucky enough to visit there. I also got to go there as a part of a school trip with my friends and it was fun being there and making jokes about how Spider-Man climbed the Washington monument.

I think this is a really fun movie and a good superhero film for people who don’t really know or love Marvel films. I think this serves as a good introductory film to the Marvel universe where you don't need to be a Marvel expert to understand this film. This is a movie I’ve made a lot of my friends watch and they have all liked it. I’ve watched and re-watched this movie so many times and it’s just a great movie to watch and enjoy with your friends.


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