The Fundamentals of Caring

Netflix Original's Review: The Fundamentals of Caring | The Collegian

The Fundamentals of Caring is a light and heartwarming film about the relationship between a teenager with disabilities and his caregiver. The film focuses on the bond between them and their personal struggles in life. It is the boy’s journey out of his living room and into the real world. The two of them take a road trip and make a couple of friends along the way. It is on this trip that they both learn from each other and return with a new outlook on their lives. They accomplish some life goals and succumb to new experiences like trying a slim jim for the first time. It is a very fun film that at the end of the day just leaves you feeling good.

This movie is different than anything I’ve ever seen before. It is a fresh and creative concept that I found so intriguing. It is such an interesting film, where you can’t even guess what will happen next. The premise is that they have both lost something and are stuck in life. Ben’s son died while under his care and Trevor’s dad left their family once he was diagnosed at the young age of 3. Ben is fighting the reality of his divorce and is in complete denial. Trevor is stuck in a routine where he never leaves the comfort of his home. However, he has these dreams of seeing the weirdest places he’s found outside of the city, for example the world’s deepest pit. Even though this was filmed in Bellwood Quarry in Atlanta not Salt Lake City, Utah. So, it’s not actually the world’s biggest, but if you ever find yourself near Atlanta make sure to check out the “world’s biggest pit” from the movie.

This film looks into the life of someone who lives with disabilities. Trevor learns to test the boundaries of what he can do. Ben pushes him to leave his comfort zone behind and live out his dreams, going past the limits of his disabilities. Through their road trip he not only reaches his goals but experiences a lot of firsts in his life. Teaching him that maybe his wheelchair doesn’t limit him as much as he lets it. The two characters learn to look past their struggles and work to better themselves after they return home. Ben quits as his caregiver and goes back to being a writer. He even gives his ex-wife the divorce papers, officially closing that chapter of his life. The characters grow a lot as people in this film and how they grow together is a really interesting dynamic.

I really loved this movie and simply put, it completely brightened my day. It truly is a great story that should be shared. Go watch this movie. I can almost promise you, you will love it. This film has a little something for everyone. It has an amazing cast and an even more incredible story. It was so funny and it’s the kind of movie that is easy to connect with, where you find yourself rooting for these oddball characters. It also has this underlying dark humour that I really enjoyed. You can find this film on Netflix and I think you will truly fall in love with this heartwarming story about friendship.


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