30 Day Film Challenge Day 18: A film that stars your favourite actor

I watch movies all the time and have seen so many films, yet I wouldn’t say I have one favourite actor that stands out amongst the rest. However, for the purpose of this activity I have chosen Timothee Chlamet and my favourite film of his that I’ve seen is ‘Beautiful Boy’. I think he was amazing in this film and brings a lot of emotion to the role. I watched it for the first time recently and it became my favourite of his movies. Other movies of his that I like are ‘Hot Summer Nights’ and ‘Little Women’. I also can’t wait to see him in upcoming movies like ‘Dune’ and ‘The French Dispatch’. I'm currently reading the novel 'Call Me by Your Name' and plan to watch the film based on the novel (starring him), immediately after I finish. Definitely go check out ‘Beautiful Boy’ and check out my review on the movie while you are here 

Timothee Chalamet Jokes About Emma Watson Therapy

Amazon.com: Watch Beautiful Boy | Prime Video


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