30 Day Film Challenge Day 23: A film made by a director that is dead

A film made by a director that has passed away is John Hughes’ ‘Ferris Bueller's Day Off’. John Hughes has made and worked on many movies that stand out to me like ‘The Breakfast Club’ (writer/director), ‘Home Alone’ (writer/producer) and ‘Flubber’ (writer/producer). He was obviously a very well known and talented director and I have thoroughly enjoyed many of his films. I think ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ was so good because of how clever and interesting it was. It’s a very memorable movie with catchy one liners and scenes that stick in your head. I think this movie is timeless and will live on forever. It was really cool for me when I went to Chicago and saw all these different places from the movie. For example, Wrigley Field or the Chicago Art Institute. My favourite character in the movie is Cameron and I really like how he gets caught up in Ferris’ crazy adventure.

CouchLock: The Stevil Dead's Love Letter to Ferris Bueller's Day ...


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