30 Day Film Challenge Day 30: A film with your favourite ending

Welcome to the final day of the 30 day film challenge! You made it! I hope you have enjoyed this series, I hope to be able to do more posts like these in the future. I think they are both fun to make and make for a good quick read. It also has allowed me to direct your attention to past posts that may be too deep in the blog to find.

I like films that have a real plot twist at the end. A film with my favourite ending is ‘The Sixth Sense’. The rest of the movie isn’t that interesting, but the ending just blows you away. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it since it really just brings the whole movie together. When you watch the movie for the first time it is honestly crazy because then you start rethinking everything you just watched.

The Sixth Sense - Wikipedia


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