30 Day Film Challenge Day 9: A film you hate but everyone else liked

A film that I hate, but everyone else liked is Jurassic Park. I wouldn't say I hate the movie, but I really don't like the movie. I never got the hype over Jurassic Park and just never got into the franchise. I understand how amazing it would have been for its time but in today’s world of CGI it just doesn’t measure up. Pacing wise, the movie is a bit slow and the story is not that good. I feel like I was expecting more for a film that has such a large fan base. Although, I did really like the park at Universal Studios Orlando and California. I think they did a good job of transferring elements from the movie into the park. Even if you aren't a fan of the movie, like me, the park is truly enjoyable for everyone.

Jurassic Park DVD Release Date


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