Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with you. In the spirit of this day I am reviewing the film that brought back this beloved franchise. Today we look back on an incredible and everlasting franchise that has touched so many people. Star Wars: The Force Awakens served as the opening film to this revival. Thus, bringing the old series into the twenty-first century. This film is one of my favourites in the franchise and my favourite of this trilogy. It is both a revival of the older films while also paying homage to them. I love the new characters Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe, Finn and BB-8, as well as the return of old fan favourites Han Solo, Leia, and Luke, to name a few.

The story of this film is great, it’s original and yet sticks close to the originals. I think that is why it's so appealing to old fans while also being able to bring these films to a new audience. Honestly, you can probably see this film without having seen the previous films and understand what is going on. I remember seeing this movie twice in the theatre, the first time was on opening day. Which is a very special movie going experience to me, seeing all those die hard fans and how dedicated they are to the franchise, and have been all these years. Then when we left the theatre this kid yelled “I can’t believe they killed Han Solo” as a whole group of people were going into the movie. It was both sad and hilarious at the same time and something I will never forget.

This film has a comedic element unlike any other film in the franchise. I think in the older films they took it more seriously. Whereas, I feel it’s these kinds of films that need that light hearted banter. It’s this comedy that helps you to make connections with these characters because it makes them more human. I think that is something that the old films missed and an aspect that this movie hit perfectly. Another thing I liked about this film was its pacing. Especially in comparison to ‘The Last Jedi’, which was too slow and ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, which was too fast. It goes to show you how pacing affects a film and how it really can make or break a film.

This trilogy has its flaws and I know people including myself were not happy with the way it ended. However, without it the Star Wars franchise would not nearly be as popular as it is today. Without a doubt in my mind, I don’t think we would have Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge or the Mandalorian series. People say Disney ruined Star Wars, but in reality I think it saved it and is continuing its legacy in pop culture. Otherwise it would just be another film series your dad talks about from time to time. This was the film to bring this old franchise to a new generation.


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