The Imagineering Story Miniseries: Intro

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        Disney is a company that I aspire to be a part of someday. It’s one of those companies that has touched everyone in the world in some way. Maybe you grew up watching every Disney movie or maybe you’re an adult watching your kids meet Mickey mouse. I believe there is not a person on Earth that hasn’t been impacted by Disney. I am very passionate about my love for Disney and my passion has only grown over the last few years as I learn more about the work behind the magic.

        Stepping into Disney World is like stepping into another universe. This is the story of how they create this fantastical place. In this series, they take a look at the people who have come and gone over the years to create the brand we know and love today. It serves as a walk through the history of the Disney company from the early days of Disney Land to the future plans for tomorrow. It gives you an appreciation for the work that goes into the creative process at Disney and the work they have done thus far. It is this unique creative process that allows them to do the things that only Disney can do. It’s a look inside this incredible company that to me is both interesting and inspiring.

        In this coming series of posts, I will be covering each episode, what they are about, and my thoughts on them. This is one of, if not my most favourite documentary-style series I’ve ever watched. Each episode looking at a new aspect or period of time at the Disney Corporation. I was going to make one long post, but I figured by keeping it short they make for great quick reads that I hope you will enjoy.

        This series also serves as my return to more traditional film reviews. As I transition back to this, I'll be reviewing more series based content. Especially since theatres in my area remain closed, I think this will be both fun and different to analyze more than two hours of content.

        Link to Disney+'s "The Imagineering Story" trailer 🠊


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