Love, Simon

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‘Love, Simon’ is a really fun movie centering around a closeted gay teen who is blackmailed out of the closet. Pushing him to accept a part of him he never came to terms with. It is a quirky and adorable film that I never knew was so worth watching. I actually read the book that this film is based off of first, before watching the movie. I read it a couple of weeks ago and I can honestly say that this is one of the best novel to film adaptations I’ve ever seen. The novel is called ‘Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda’. It’s like every other teen rom-com novel for the most part but there is something about it that is just more interesting.

I found the film and its characters are really easy to relate to. The way they depict high school is more real than that stereotypical movie version of high school. I found it easier to connect to the way characters went through life because it’s similar to what high school kids actually go through. I fell in love with these characters when I read the book. They are so fun to root for. I found that in the movie they brought them to life and really stayed true to their characters in the novel. I really like the actors they chose and I think they make a great fit for these roles.

I think they went into this movie with a strong understanding of what the book is all about. That is so important for films like these where the book has a strong fan base/ following. They knew what the fans really wanted to see, which allowed them to know what they could change or not include in the film. The film is obviously slightly different from the novel, although the characters are identical and the plot is really close to the same.

For a novel that is half through emails and half your run of the mill teen novel, it’s interesting to see how they were able to incorporate the emails into the film. It’s pretty cool how they were able to adapt that part of the book into the film in a really creative way.

This film is just fun to watch. I love this story and with characters like these it is just easy to feel what they feel. You know what high school is like. You know what this means for him. We see rom-coms all the time but having a gay teen at the center of it is almost unheard of. We need more movies like this in our forever changing society. We need movies like this to influence and shape the way we see the world. From a different set of eyes. I think this is a really positive and lighthearted story. I loved it. I highly recommend this film and you can watch it on youtube for $4.99 or wherever you buy movies.


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