Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second film in the Harry Potter franchise. The film follows the characters in their second year at Hogwarts, as Harry faces a new evil at Hogwarts. With the opening of the Chamber of Secrets comes the mystery of who opened it? What’s inside it? and what will the gang do to stop the attacks? This film is a bit darker and more complex than the first film in the series. I find it has a more in-depth storyline and you really have no idea who the mysterious person behind it all is. In this film, we get to meet more characters and the wizarding world expands a little more.

This film is not my favourite of the series, but that is because, by comparison, I find the other films are just more exciting and interesting. I like that in this movie there are more action scenes and things that are more outlandish. My favourite new character is Doby and what he brings to the movie. Without him, we wouldn’t have the fun opening scenes with the Dursleys, flying car trip to Hogwarts, or the rogue bludger. I like that we get to see more quidditch in this film. Compared to the other movies. The quidditch match in this film is more interesting to watch and I feel like it offered a better understanding of the game overall.

In this film, we meet a lot of new characters like Moaning Murtle and Gildroy Lockhart, yet we also get to see some returning characters get more time on screen. I liked seeing Neville Longbottom, the twins, Oliver Wood, and Ginny Weasley again, and I’m glad they get in more dialogue. The side characters of these movies really become just as important as the main three Ron, Hermione, and of course Harry.

I like that we see more of the Malfoy and Weasley families. To me, this shows the spectrum from good to evil wizards in the world, the Weasleys being such a caring family and the Malfoys being straight-up evil. I love the relationship the Weasleys have with Harry and how they have sort of taken him in as one of their own.

Another thing about this movie is that we get more into the history of Hogwarts and Hagrid’s expulsion. Something we hear about in the first movie but never told why. The more we get into the history of the Chamber of Secrets and the Diary of Tom Riddle the more we understand how Voldemort has managed to stay alive so long. Something I found so interesting in the final movies (spoiler ahead) The Deathly Hallows, was the connection back to Tom Riddle’s Diary being or Horcrux. It really helped bring the series full circle and helped tie this film into the big picture.

Overall this is a great movie that I have seen a thousand times. If you are getting into the series, don’t skip this one. What I like about the Harry Potter series is that it grows with the audience. That is very evident in this film as it becomes slightly more mature, complex, and dark. As the series continues we get that more and more. I feel like this film is the last Harry Potter film that really holds that childhood innocence before things get really hard for Harry and the gang.


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