Firefly Lane


I’m going to start off by saying I did not make it to the end of this show. I usually give the average show two episodes of my time before deciding to continue watching or not. I made it to episode 6. I was going to stop watching it almost immediately, but my friends all loved it so I wanted to keep going because I was wondering why they liked it so much. By the time I got to episode 6, absolutely nothing exciting had happened and the show still hadn’t picked up so I called it quits. The show got a lot of hype when it first premiered on Netflix in early February, to suddenly having little to no buzz at all.

The series switches between three different periods of time through the character’s lives. This isn’t used well in the show and tends to be confusing when they switch between the later time periods, from the 80s to the ‘present day’ of 2003. There doesn’t really seem to be a purpose for this other than watching them get to where they are in 2003.

I did like the two actors Alissa Skovbye and Roan Curtis who played Tully and Kate when they were younger. I think their scenes were my favourite of the show. During this period of time, Tully had a lot of issues with her drunk and absent mom and Tully and Kate were just becoming good friends and doing teen stuff. They aren’t the most interesting of scenes, but I do think these two are talented and will go on to do bigger and better projects.

The characters in general are bland and have no depth at all. They are just kind of going through the motions of life. Tully and Kate are simply not that interesting and their lives are your everyday sort of stories. There is simply nothing special here.

It’s boring, not funny, or stylistic at all. If a movie or tv show has a bad story, characters or style it can usually lean on one of the other two to save it, but this was not the case. It’s just kind of there and you watch their lives fall apart and rebuild. I don’t understand the point of this show and why people like it. It is very slow and just doesn’t really go anywhere. There isn’t really a story or story arch it just kind of happens in front of you.

I wouldn’t recommend this series as obviously noted above. It was recommended to me in comparison to Gilmore Girls, which is a great show that is really clever, fun and sweet. It was unique and the characters were well developed where you could feel connected with the characters. Whereas with this show I found the characters hard to connect to, the story hard to stay engaged with, and therefore, was hard to continue watching. Netflix has a lot of great shows, and this one was just not for me.


  1. Confirming my suspicions about this show haha. I was on the fence about watching it, thank you for your insight!


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