Call Me By Your Name


Call Me By Your Name is one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. I originally read the book before watching the film about a year ago. I recently rewatched the film and found it just as amazing as before. The cinematography, attention to detail, and setting make this film a real masterpiece. The film is a. coming of age romance between Elio played by Timothee Chalamet and Oliver portrayed by Armie Hammer. It was up for three Oscars back in 2018 including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay. I found the film stays very true to the book and has a stunning aesthetic.

The film was shot in Northern Italy and is one of the prettiest shooting locations I’ve ever seen in a film. It is so bright and colourful, from the green grass in the meadow to the vibrant blue waters. The main house and the architecture of the village are stunning and make me want to visit one day.

It’s funny but one of my favourite parts of the whole movie is just the opening credits. Never have I ever been so captivated with credits. I normally find them extremely boring and skip past them if they are in the beginning or turn the movie off the second they pop up at the end. I can’t really explain it but there is something so beautiful about the images and the style of writing that is completely captivating and sets the whole tone of the film. I might be completely out of my mind but they are so pretty. So even if you don’t feel compelled to watch the movie… just watch the opening credits.

The performances from Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer in this film are extremely admirable. Timothee Chalamet was up for Best Actor at the 2018 Oscars and in my eyes deserved a win for his performance. It is incredible what he did in this role at such a young age too. This film really forces the actor to push himself to the limits and find all these different emotions. Timothee Chalamet is one of my favourite actors and he really brings a level of authenticity to the role. I think people like him so much because he can play all these different emotions and bring in that humility and awkwardness when it’s needed. He humanizes the character and gives them more personality. It is the difference between the character on the page and the character on the big screen,  the actor really brings them to life. There wasn’t always a lot of dialogue in every scene and the actors would have to rely heavily on body language for the audience to understand how they were feeling. Which when done right can work very well, and in this case that was exactly what happened.

To conclude, it's a very sweet love story that cant be. The characters and the actors who play them are amazing and the setting is breathtaking. The film can be a bit slow and honestly not much happens that is super shocking or dramatic, but I think that is part of its charm. It transports you to another time in another part of the world and has a very beautiful aesthetic to it. Since I read the book first I can say that they did a really good job adapting the book into a motion picture. The film is beautiful and powerful and I think everyone should watch it, especially if you enjoy visually stunning films.


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