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Ginny and Georgia is one of my favourite shows I’ve watched this year. Going into it I really didn’t know what to expect, but it's a lot more twisted than I ever thought it would be. The casting for this show was really well done and the overall story is really interesting. I like the way it's half a normal teen drama with Ginny and half following this big scam Georgia is running behind the scenes. The way they went back and forth between the two character’s perspectives is very well balanced, given it is a teen show I like that they focused more on Ginny’s high school life, rather than the adults.

I like that in the show everyone has their good and bad moments. It makes it harder to know who to cheer for. One second you hate a character and the next they reveal something that completely changes your perspective on them. This was especially true when it came to Ginny and Max’s friend group where they would do really shady things but then do something that made you feel sympathetic for them and understand why they act the way they do. This also happens a lot vice versa, where the characters you thought were good turn out to have more of a dark side than you were expecting. You never fully understand the characters and their motives, which can be confusing or doesn’t give you a clear view of the character but I think that’s what makes them dynamic and interesting to watch. You simply don’t know what they're going to do next.

The show visits a lot of important topics in our society and doesn’t shy away from them. The show looks at racism, cutting, domestic abuse, body dysmorphia, and just, in general, trying to fit in a new school and how far people will go to be liked or a part of the group. I liked how they bring up these issues naturally and it's not forced into the plot to gain attention or to be shocking. It's just a part of the story and about starting a discussion outside of the screen.

One of the only issues I had with this show is that they kept trying to be relatable to teens today. Sometimes it was really awkward or cringe. For example, the dog Snapchat filter “Happy Friday” scene, which was just disturbing. The character of Hunter in general and a lot of the language they use in the series really showcases the disconnect between the people in the writers’ room and real teenagers. This is where it lost its authenticity. (I did not need the tap dancing scene, nobody needed the tap dancing scene. That’s weird, not endearing).

My favourite character in the show is easily Max. As the comedic relief for the show, she is hilarious and fun to watch. A lot of zany one-liners and does a lot of just strange things, but I love how she is so unapologetically herself. She’s played by Sara Waiglass who I originally saw in Degrassi: Next Class, which was a terrible show but she was one of my favourites. She is also Canadian from Toronto, so homegrown talent.

To conclude, I really liked this show, it was really fun to watch and at the same time had its more dark or deeper moments. It’s a very unique show, kind of reminded me of a more twisted Gilmore Girls. They weren’t afraid to explore a more serious subject matter. I really liked the cast for this show and think they made great casting decisions that really make or break this type of show. Overall, it is a great show and I highly recommend it. The show was recently picked up for season 2 so go give it a watch. 


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