Teen Wolf 3B

Teen Wolf season 3B is probably my favourite season so far. In this season the show goes in a much darker direction and just when you think it can’t get any darker, it does. It’s really well done and the first four episodes of this season are my favourite of the entire series. It keeps you on your toes and you get sucked into all the craziness. It’s incredible just how much they can cram into just a handful of episodes. My original plan was to watch this show slowly, a few episodes a week similar to how people used to watch it once a week back when it was on the air and before binge-watching was a thing. That plan is officially out the window as now I can’t stop watching it.

For those who don’t know, seasons 3, 5, and 6 of Teen Wolf are split into two parts, part A and part B. Basically, instead of 24 episodes of one story/plotline, it’s two sets of 12 episodes. I think this was a really smart decision because season 2 which was not split felt very long and dragged out. The pacing wasn’t right in the past seasons and this way it’s more compact. 

It starts off hard and fast right from the beginning of the season. At the start of seasons 2 and 3A, we see them being teenagers just living their lives before something bad eventually starts happening, but this is not that kind of beginning. It kind of throws you into it and all of your favourite characters are being psychologically and physically tortured. The three main characters who have gone through 'the sacrifice' and are now getting hit by the side effects. You have Alison seeing her dead Aunt and visions of her killing Issac, Scott who can't transform because he can no longer control it and is seeing visions of himself as a wolf at school, and then you have Stiles who can't tell the difference between his dreams and reality. Stiles' is probably the freakiest because sometimes you don't know if what you are watching is real or Stiles' dream world, it's like a dream within a dream within a dream. Then with all that going on you also have Peter and Derek being physically tortured for information.

Stiles is my favourite character and in this season he is put through literally everything. In the beginning, he can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality, because of the “open door” in his brain from the sacrifice in season 3A. Similar to Alison and Scott, but Stiles’s pain is on another level. It’s hard to watch him be so tortured because he is the most human character in the show. He is the one you can connect to. Then you see him possessed by a demon called ‘Void’ for pretty much the rest of the season where he goes on a murderous and chaotic rampage. Dylan O’Brien’s acting in this season is insane. The whole character of Void Stiles reminds me of Loki or the Joker. He’s a trickster, he finds joy in pain. He’s a sociopath and the range that O’Brien shows as an actor is crazy. I really don’t expect that level of acting in a show like this and you can really see his development as an actor from season 1 to now. 

I like that we get to see Scott as more of a leader and becoming the true alpha of the pack. There is more of a focus on Stiles’ character, with Scott leading the charge to save him. I love their friendship and how strong it is throughout the series. I also like that we get to see more of Issac and him moving on from his past. He has been through so much and just trying to find where he belongs in the grand scheme of things. He doesn’t have any family so it’s nice to see Scott and Melissa McCall take him in. Not all the characters make it through this season, even the main characters that have been on the show for a long time. It kind of takes away the certainty that your favourites will always survive everything, bringing a bit of shock factor and you never really know who is gonna die and who is going to survive.

I love the two new characters Kira and Malia and the role they play in this season. I think they set up Malia’s character nicely to be adjusting to her new life, learning how to transform with Scott, and becoming closer with the main group. I like how they introduced her now and how she had a small role in the plot of 3B but will be more of a main player next season. We don’t know how she came to have her powers at such a young age and we don’t know the full story of her connection to Peter yet. Kira on the other hand had a bigger role in season 3B and I hope to see more of her discovering the full strength of her powers and her relationship with Scott. I can’t wait to see more of both of them in season 4.

The twins are back and are no longer alphas. They are trying to find their place in Beacon Hills and gain Scott’s trust to be welcomed as part of the pack. The twins gain and lose a lot in this season, we still don’t get much of a backstory from them but they don’t have any ties outside of the people in Beacon Hills. 

In this season we don't see a lot of scenes of them at Beacon Hills High. It is like the whole group just dropped out for the year. I hope next season we see more of them at school being teenagers and playing Lacrosse. This season had no Lacrosse scenes at all so I hope to see the return of more normal high school experiences because to me its what makes it easier to connect to them and remember that they are people too and not just a group of werewolves, banshees, hunters, and apparently fox demons. 

Overall, The bar has been raised in this season. I felt like seasons 1 & 2 felt a lot smaller and more amateur, but in season 3 everything is better. It’s darker, there is more action, the actors have really come a long way, and the story is insane. It is the best season so far and they really dove into the supernatural world. The characters go through so much in this season and it is just fun and chaotic. Teen Wolf is super fun and if you are reading this and still haven’t watched Teen Wolf… Go watch!!


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