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I’m officially on Teen Wolf season 3B, and what a finale 3A was. I am 100% obsessed with this show so I thought I would provide a little update on my opinions and where I am currently in the series. I love these characters and have become completely attached to them. At this point, the actors feel a lot more comfortable in their roles and just slip into the characters. I think they have added a bit of themselves into the characters and it really comes through in the show that they have grown.

First off, season 2 was kind of weird but I still loved it and really liked that we got to see more of Jackson and Lydia. I didn't really like the kanima plot with Jackson, but I liked how we got a better understanding of why Jackson is the way he is. I also liked the introduction of characters like Issac and Boyd, who I think add a lot more to the show in season 3A. There was so much going on in season 2 and it was really fun to try to pick everything apart. The finale was a great closure to that chapter. I feel like seasons 1 and 2 have the same feeling to them whereas season 3 feels different. They are at the point where they are more confident as they know more about what to expect and what is out there. It’s no longer a surprise to them in season 3, and they take on a more leadership role instead of being pulled along.

In season 3 we see Stiles take on more of a lead role over Scott. I love Stiles’ character, he is really fun to watch throughout the series, you can not help but root for him and his “147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone”. For such a generally serious show, the character brings sarcastic one-liners and comebacks that always lighten the mood and kill the tension. Just a really fun character overall and I’m glad this season features him more. I feel like since he is one of the only humans/ non-werewolf main characters, you can really connect to him. He reacts the way the audience reacts in a very exaggerated and silly way.

I still love Scott’s character and he develops a lot in this season. He is now a ‘true alpha’ which was a really cool scene when he fully transformed. For those who don’t know, to become an alpha you have to kill an alpha. So even though I know the only reason they did the whole true alpha, ‘one who is already worthy and good’ was to keep his morales in check, it was really cool how they played it out throughout the season. It makes sense, they wanted to give him more power but can’t have the always morally correct main character go and kill someone to gain power.

My favourite episode in 3A was Motel California. It was just a really fun episode and a little different from the rest of the series. It didn’t have a strong connection with the main plot, but I think I liked how it went off the path and took place in a different location out of Beacon Hills. We also got to see some really funny moments on the bus, especially between Coach and Stiles. However, I don’t like how they did the whole flashback thing because it was simply unnecessary. Derek getting “killed” but not actually added nothing to the plot and the guy they did kill off added basically nothing to the series and he was basically there to be expendable from the start. At the end of Motel California, there is one of the saddest and greatest scenes in the whole show between the main four. When Scott has this whole monologue about losing everything and is about to kill himself with the flare and the gasoline and Stiles steps in the circle, then Lydia knocks them both out of the circle. It is just a really sad and sweet moment that highlights their group's bond. 

The plot in season 3 is a lot better compared to the plot of season 2. I felt like the multiple plotlines were more interconnected in 3A whereas in season 2 there were too many different plots going on at once and it felt kind of disconnected at times. Season 3A does leave me with a lot of questions starting from the beginning of the season. If Peter was killed by Derek and Derek became an alpha, when Peter was resurrected by Lydia, does that not mean that Derek would no longer be an alpha?

Another question, this pack of all alphas, what was stopping them from coming before and taking Peter into their pack? Why do they want Derek at all, and why wait so long? Also, how did the twins both become alphas? And how did they get their power to literally morph themselves together?

Now going into 3B, Duchalean is still alive and I assume will have a role in the following part of the season. I’m interested to see what happens with Issac and Alisson and Lydia and Stiles, as they seem to hint at development there. I think there is going to be something about Scott learning how to control all this new power as a true alpha and probably something about his father who has come back to town. I don’t know, I have a lot of questions and I am excited to see what happens next, in this twisty and fun series. However, I do know what I’ll be spending the majority of my time watching.


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