The F Word / What If?

 What If Movie Poster - ID: 142900 - Image Abyss

The F Word, also known in other countries as What If?, is a rom-com film shot in Toronto, Ontario. Films and tv shows are filmed in Toronto all the time, what is surprising is that they weren’t disguising it as another city and actually told the audience it was Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised to see the CN tower and places that I recognize. Other than that I didn’t really love this movie, it was very predictable and you kind of know exactly what was going to happen from the start.

Going into this film I knew absolutely nothing about its plot, I just knew I wanted to watch it because Kylo Ren and Harry Potter were in the same film lol. Also known as Adam Driver and Daniel Radcliffe. I actually really didn’t like Adam Driver’s character because he is just really gross, but I liked seeing him as the comedic relief as an alternative to the very serious villain in Star Wars for a change. As for Daniel Radcliffe, it was cool to see him in something else other than Harry Potter. Since his work on one of the biggest franchises in history, he has gone on to do a lot of these smaller films that I think he just enjoys doing out of the spotlight. 

The film’s plot and a lot of the acting are really not that great. Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the movie. It’s okay but it’s predictable and generally strange. Visually it is nothing special and the effects they do use like the animation parts seem unnecessary. The characters are boring and honestly pretty annoying. It is a quirky small film so it is fun sometimes and I did like Daniel Radcliffe’s character but aside from that, it was really just okay.

Something we talked about after the film was its lack of diversity. For a film shot in Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world, every character and every background character is white. Even the one shot of the United Nations convention was completely white-washed. For a scene that is supposed to have international representation, they're all white.

Overall, it wasn’t the best movie ever but it is still a fun movie if you are from or ever visited Toronto or if you are a fan of either Daniel Radcliffe or Adam Driver. If you like smaller and kind of indie films too then you might really enjoy this film. I typically don’t watch a lot of indie films, I like the big box films, the oscar-nominated ones, the ones with a lot of money thrown at them. This film wasn’t amazing but I think there is an audience for it and it had its quirky and sweet moments. The film is available on Amazon Prime and wherever you rent movies.


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