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Infinite is a sci-fi action film starring Mark Walhberg where he plays a character who has an infinite amount of lives and is reincarnated as different people around the world. In this lifetime he has grown up seeing flashbacks from his past lives, which has led doctors to diagnose him with schizophrenia. The organization of “Infinites” or people who live infinite lives need him to find out where he hid this shiny egg in his past life that everyone is looking for. He and the group have to figure out where he hid it and how to get it before it ends up in the wrong hands. The bad guy, Bathurst wants to end the reincarnation of the Infinites as he views it as unnatural. Even though he himself also has infinite lives. 

It isn’t really explained how the object has the ability to end all life and why he wants this power. The film lacks any real depth and the plot is mediocre. The characters are very two dimensional and the film doesn’t explain their motives or background. You can’t form any real connection to the characters and there are too many of them so they don't get a significant amount of screen time. My favourite character in the whole thing was Dylan O’Brien’s character and he barely had lines. He really just drove a car and did cool stunts.

The stunt work, destruction, and explosions were probably the best part of the film, however I think they relied too heavily on them. I liked the opening scene with the car chase. It reminded me of Baby Driver in that respect. As the opening scene that gave me hope for the film and it reallly captures you attention from the get go, only for the pacing to slow down from there. Then later in the film I liked the part where they drive the cars through the police station with the desks and glass. A lot of the situations were impossible in the real world, like in terms of basic physics and how gravity works but I think that is what made it kind of neat or interesting.

I think the idea and exploration of reincarnation in film is actually really interesting. I think they had a lot of different options they could have taken the film in and instead limited themselves to gimmicks. This film had potential but really just fell flat.

The film isn’t that good but I still enjoyed it for what it was. If you like Mark Wahlberg movies or if you are a fan of Dylan O’Brien I would still watch it just to enjoy their part in the film because I do think they did a good job in their roles. But otherwise unless you really like action movies this film just didn’t hit its mark. As an action movie the stunts were really cool and there were a lot of fights, explosions and destruction but as a narrative it lacks any real story arc.

The film was originally set to be released on August 7, 2020, then moved to May 28, 2021 and rescheduled again to September 2021 when Paramount decided to release it on their platform Paramount+ instead on June 10th. I think that’s a really interesting choice to go straight to streaming and try to use the film to draw people to the platform. The platform was originally called CBS all access and has since been re-launched. Honestly I didn’t even know there was a Paramount+ until I heard about this movie coming out. So if you are looking to check the film out it is available there and you can get a 7 day free trial.


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