Teen Wolf Season 6A

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This season was amazing, definitely one of my favourites of the series. I love this cast and I think they finally got it right again. This season reminded me why I love the show so much. I was so diaposinted with seasons 4 and 5, especially season 5 which I found to be slow and all over the place. So to come back and do it properly, with the strong writing and plot that the show used to have is admirable. It brought back the same feeling as season 3 and again I really like how they split the season up between parts A and B. This was probably one of my favourite seasons and they’re really closing off the show with a bang.

I like that some of the fan favourite characters of the show’s past have returned and we get to see more of Scott, Stiles and the rest of the group. The only character that I didn’t like making a return to the show was Theo. I just don’t like his character and find him pointless at this point. He does have some nice redeeming moments with Liam and the group in the end. I especially like when he is confronting the ghost riders and Malia makes sure it is very clear Theo is not a part of the pack. I liked seeing Kira’s mom return too, but it reminded me of how much I miss Kira and wish she was coming back too. I think they really could have done a lot more with Kira, given how little she knew about her powers. Her character didn’t get the comeback moment she deserved and was sidelined for most of the previous season.

As for new characters, I didn’t like Mr.Douglas’s character but at the same time that’s the point, you aren’t supposed to like him. He is one of those characters you love to hate. A character that freaked me out a bit and I found kind of pointless was Stiles’ mom. I think the whole bringing her back from the dead to fill the void for his dad was kind of unnecessary. Then they wouldn’t have had to do the whole going to that lost town bit that I didn’t like either to explain why she was there. Stiles’ mom has always been a character that wasn’t really talked about throughout the show just kind of sprinkled in here and there. I think they could have addressed her death more head-on instead of the side plot they created. It just feels like an add-on and lacked the emotional depth that it had the potential to create for Stiles and his dad. Stiles only had one scene with her in the whole season, if they were really going to go through with it I think they should have included her character more than they did.

I didn’t like the trip to the town that had gone through the wild hunt but if you like horror movies or really creepy stuff then that’s for you. In this season they really went for it and sometimes it was just too gory for me. Like when Douglas was eating the gland out of people’s skulls… ya not it for me. They also never explained why he was doing this so it was just gross. In a way, it helped to dehumanize the character and make him into the monstrous villain that he is, but it was just weird and really disturbing.

Given Dylan O’Brien faced scheduling conflicts with the last film of the Maze Runner series and couldn’t be there for the majority of the shoot, it was smart to take the show in this direction where he was not in Beacon Hills. With him being on his own or in one setting for the majority of the shoot it wouldn’t demand him to be there all the time and with the other cast members. That being said most of my favourite scenes are Peter and Stiles in the train station and Stiles when he finally makes his way back to the group. That focus on Stiles reminded me of season 3B and everything that happened with Void Stiles, which are some of my favourite episodes in the whole series. Then, going into filming 6B, O’Brien had a life-threatening accident that caused him to not be available altogether. It’s a shame to see a fan favourite character who’s been here since day one not be able to participate fully in the show’s conclusion, but I’m glad we saw as much of him as we did in 6A given the scheduling conflicts.

The plot is absolutely gut-wrenching at times. It is so scary to even think of something like that happening to you or someone you loved. The wild hunt takes people and wipes them from reality, you are erased and nobody not even those closest to you remembers you. Watching it happen to a beloved character of mine was unsettling to watch. But that’s what made it so good I guess. The plot is so twisty and different, you never know what they are going to do next. It’s not predictable.

What I really loved about 6A was its reminiscing on the past and going back to a lot of key moments throughout the show. For example, the first season when Scott first gets bit, Stiles and Lydia, and Motel California. It was all about remembering Stiles and what happened to him, bringing him back into their reality in Beacon Hills. So this way the focus was on my favourite character for most of the season, and he is such a fun character to watch. I loved the ending of 6A, where the two boys who started it all ride off in the jeep. They are graduating high school and leaving Beacon Hills, moving on. This season had me screaming, laughing, jumping, and crying. It was super fun and awesome and if for some reason you are still reading these and not watching Teen Wolf I don’t know how else to convince you. The show just hit its 10th anniversary on June 5th so that was really cool seeing everyone from the cast post messages and throwback content from the set.


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