Teen Wolf Season 6B

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Last post about Teen Wolf I promise... probably.

I am officially done Teen Wolf and I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. I originally was told to watch this show when it was actually on the air and I said it sounded stupid. It is now one of my favourite shows, if not my favourite. It is so much fun and I love the mystery and the exploration of the supernatural. The whole universe they have created is pretty remarkable. It hasn't really sunk in yet that I have finished watching it. The show is amazing and I really hope they do something to bring it back. The world of film and television is always doing sequels, adaptations and reboots so I hope something comes to fruition in the near future.

6B wasn’t as good as 6A in my opinion, but I still love the closure they gave to the show. Season 6 felt like they were trying to go out on top. Something I thought was really interesting was how they had Tyler Posey and Lyden Ashby direct a couple of episodes in the season. I liked the overall pacing of the season in comparison to some of the other seasons. I have found this show to sometimes struggle with pacing, especially in seasons 2, 4 and 5. The pacing in season six reminded me of season 3 which was easily my favourite season. Pacing is so important in telling a story and I think this show's only real downfall for me is the consistent slowness of the show. In their defense it may have been different if you were watching it once a week and not bingeing like I was. 

I love this show a lot and I’m sad to see it come to an end. This season is fun and I loved it. I liked how they went back to the ‘bad guy’ being the hunters again. It reminded me of earlier seasons in the show when there was only werewolves and canima, before all the different supernatural characters came into play. The hunters kind of disappeared for a while other than the Argents. The Argents have always been pretty complicated and have come and gone throughout the series. However, the other groups of hunters outside of Beacon Hills were never really addressed past season two. I hate that they brought back Kate and Gerrard. I have always hated those two and after season two I was sick of Gerrard and didn’t even like the last time they brought Kate back in season 4. I understand you are supposed to hate them, but I think a truly good villain is one that you love to hate and I simply don't care for these characters at all. 

The faceless figure really creeped me out. It just didn’t look right and also looked super real. The whole idea of it wasn’t completely explained either and I think it could have been left out at the writer's table. It just feels like a weird and unnecessary villain. One without a face, dialogue, or any real back story. I do have to give them credit for how real and terrifying they made it look. Which was the whole point as it creates fear in others. 

I liked where they left the characters off at the end of 6A where they all go their separate ways, but this makes 6B feel a bit out of place. I think the ending for 6A was a lot better than the end of season 6B. I would have loved to see more of Stiles, I missed his humour and all that he brings to the show given he is comedic relief. I liked how they had some characters go to school and some stay behind to help, I just would have liked to see them all go their separate ways before getting pulled back to Beacon Hills so quickly. I feel like Scott has sacrificed so much for the pack and has been caught up in saving everyone all the time, I kind of wanted to see him be able to go off to college and live a normal life for a while. He wanted to go become a veterinarian and I think that is something I would have liked to see him achieve. So maybe down the line in a future reboot of the series Scott is the new Beacon Hills Veterinarian.

I’m really happy and sad at the same time to be done Teen Wolf. It still feels like there is more story to tell. So now I’m just hoping with all the other fans that have been watching for the past ten years that maybe one day soon we get a reboot or a continuation. I would love a reunion season 7,  I think that would be the greatest thing ever. See where all the characters have been up to the past ten years and get the pack back together. Who would still be in Beacon Hills? Who would come back to fight off an end of the world-level monster? I don’t know what a season 7 would look like all I know is that I very much would love that, so let's make it happen. 

I love this show I will definitely find myself randomly rewatching it in the future. This is a must-see show no matter how corny it may look trust me it is nothing like what you think it is. This show has blown away my expectations. I highly recommend this show as always. Goodbye Teen Wolf thanks for the couple of months of binge-watching. 


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