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I always love Marvel movies and this one was no different. It was exciting and fun to watch. I waited to see it in theatres and it was worth the wait. I highly recommend if you are planning to watch this movie or have already seen it on Disney + go out and watch it on the big screen. It makes all the difference trust me. Was this my favourite marvel movie? No, but I think it deserves to be seen how it was meant to be seen on a big screen with popcorn in a dark room surrounded by other marvel movie lovers. It makes it more of an experience than your laptop does. That was something I noticed especially with the Marvel shows as they just don’t feel the same. I would love if I could see the finale of WandaVision or the Loki series in theatres, I just think that would be really cool. What’s so neat about Marvel movies on opening day is that it reminds you that you are a part of something bigger and there are other people just as passionate as you. It’s like its own little secret club or community.

There is something about Marvel movies and films with large fan bases like this that just make it special to see it in theatres. Even though the capacity limits made it so our theatre was at about half its normal capacity, it was so fun to hear everyone react and feel like you are part of the big picture. I remember seeing Endgame twice and SpiderMan Far From Home three times and it was just a different experience every time. It was nice to have that back again. 

I love the casting choices for this film. Florence Pugh is amazing and her character was so smart and quick. I first saw her in Little Women and I kind of hated her character but I like her as a person and as an actor. Her performance in this film is so well done and it's exciting to see her in the Marvel universe. Her character Elena’s chemistry with Natasha (Scarlette Johanson) created a really cool dynamic. Watching them together fighting and cracking jokes was fun to watch. I also liked the addition of David Harbour from Stranger Things. His character is so silly and kind of stupid but it works. He is enjoyable to watch and his dynamic with the two women who he’s left behind is really interesting. He is stuck in this past life of when he was a crime-fighting superhero or villain “The Red Guardian”.

The fight scenes were well choreographed, I think the one thing about Black Widow is she doesn’t have the fancy metal suit or the enhanced super-strength, she is just human. She doesn’t need to fly or have some magic ability, it's just cool to watch her do all these crazy stunts. I like that they went a little deeper into her back story and where she came from. We get to see where she was trained, and what happened to her, her sister, and her family. We really get to see what makes Natasha who she is in the rest of the films. There was a story left to tell after her death in Avengers: Endgame, and I think they did a good job FINALLY making a Black Widow movie. Scarlette Johanson is an amazing actor and you get to see her and her character grow throughout the films. I think Natasha is really unique because she wasn’t always good and she came from a very different background than the other characters in the MCU.

I’ve always loved Black Widow as a character and all that she contributes to the MCU. I think this makes for the perfect farewell to a fan-favourite character. If we get to see more of Natasha in the future that will be really cool but at the same time, this is a proper ending to her story. Go see this in theatres. Go support movie theatres and keep them open. This is the right way to see a film, especially action movies like this. After a couple years of waiting for this film, I'm happy to say it was worth the wait. 


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