Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise on Twitter: "Have you gotten your tickets for Disney's  #JungleCruise yet? See it in IMAX, RealD or Dolby on July 30. 🎟  https://t.co/JTkuAOcq0h… https://t.co/OmInXZ8EsY"

I found this movie to be just okay. It’s nothing special and there are a lot of similar films out there but it has a fun cast. It kind of feels like Pirates of the Caribbean meets the Jungle Cruise ride from Disney. Since I’ve been on the ride before it was fun to point out the similarities or references to the attraction. I also liked how they included and poked fun at the puns and cheesiness that the ride is like.

I think the casting for this film is what makes it enjoyable. I think casting the Rock and Emily Blunt brings people to go see the movie. I don’t feel like people who aren’t familiar with the ride at Disney or the actors will go see this. The dialogue for the film was pretty well written and I think it was pretty funny at times.

One of my issues with this film is how they make the two characters romantically involved with one another when it’s not really necessary. It feels very forced and awkward, not natural whatsoever. It was as if they had the script done and they were friends and then someone told them to just add a couple of scenes in to put them in a relationship. It just feels off and choppy.

It’s a pretty average movie, I liked the story but that was because at the end of the day it was a lot like Jumanji and Pirates of the Caribbean which I already enjoyed. This film is an example of a trope being used too many times. This is a film that relied on the popularity of the ride, the actors, and the recycled premise to sell tickets. It isn’t a new story and to me, there is nothing about this movie that really stands out.

One thing I liked was the effects of the tree coming to life. There was nothing all that special throughout the film until that one sequence. Otherwise, the effects are basic and like what you would see in any other adventure film.

I went to go see this film because I was bored and wanted to go to the movies. I think if you just want to go out and see something for the experience then sure. It wasn’t the best movie ever but it’s still fun to go out and see a movie. I didn’t have very high hopes for this movie so I wasn’t surprised or disappointed by it. It's fine for a day out and t just sit and watch something without having to think about it too much. I probably wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone who is serious about films or likes to analyze them. if you just enjoy movies with Emily Blunt and the Rock or you're a fan of the ride I would give it a chance. For me, the most fun part was pointing out things from the ride. Which was cool since it's something you have experienced in real life. 


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