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 Free Guy is one of the funniest and more unique movies I’ve seen recently. It is a fun film for basically anyone and I highly recommend seeing it in theatres. If you are a Marvel fan, Deadpool fan, Ryan Reynolds fan, or just someone who enjoys comedies I would definitely go see this movie. 

I think they were really smart in making the film about a video game character that can evolve to have its own personality. It is a very appealing and interesting concept. In the real world, I think people really look to video game characters as feeling more and more real, and I think this idea might not be too far away. 

I like that it takes place both in the video game world and in the real world.They did a good job of differentiating between both worlds. I really liked the set/costume design, I think it is very true to what today’s video games look like. They did a good job creating the world of Free City, even if you aren't into video games like me this is still cool because it kind of reminded me of Sims. Small details like the way they walk, or the reflections in her glasses, are all very similar to the video game aesthetic. A lot of attention to detail went into making this film and that is evident throughout. The way the film was shot reminds mimics that of video games and in story mode the way the camera swings around. It’s the little things that make this movie so interesting.

I really like this cast, they are all so amazing and talented actors. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious, Taika Waititi as the bad guy is genius, and I loved seeing Joe Keery from Stranger Things and Utkarsh Ambudkar who I recognized from Pitch Perfect. I had never seen Jodie Comer in anything and her performance was amazing. I really liked how she played both herself in the real world and her avatar. Being able to play the same person but in two very different looks in two different worlds like that is really cool.

Mariah Carrey’s song Fantasy has been stuck in my head for almost two months thanks to this film. The music in this movie is not just great but they use it in smart ways. The music really adds to the movie and is just as much a part of the movie as the dialogue is.

I have seen this film twice in theatres. I have gone with someone who is a big Marvel and Ryan Reynolds fan like me, and again with people who did not know much about this movie going into it and they both loved it equally. It is such a fun film and I can not stress this enough...GO to theatres and watch these silly awesome movies on a big screen. If you have not seen this movie, if you haven’t been to the movies in a long time, now is the time to do it and this is the movie to see.


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