Last Night in Soho


Before we get into it this is my 150th post!! I started this blog before covid and it became something I could do when I was bored out of my mind and now it is my creative outlet. It has been so much fun making something out of my obsession with tv and film. Thank you for reading and supporting my little side project :)

Last Night in Soho, is a psychological thriller written and directed by Edgar Wright, starring Anya Taylor Joy and Thomasin McKenzie. It is the first film that I have seen at TIFF post-covid. The film is insane and really messes with your mind. The music is incredible, the camera work, the mirror tricks, everything. It's a beautiful movie...just scary for me. I don’t usually watch these types of films but this was an exception. I was so lucky to be able to see this film at TIFF, and crazy to see Edgar Wright on stage. Truly a unique and fun experience!

The film is one big flashback to the past. It is so brilliantly directed and it really feels like you have been transported and sucked into the 1960s. For me, that’s what makes the film so scary because it feels like you are submerged into this world. The use of colour to distinguish the difference between the dream world and the real world was really neat. Between the extensive and detailed set design, music, and cinematography it really feels like you are a part of that world. It’s amazing. Anddd scary.

The use of music and sound throughout the film is brilliant. The soundtrack corresponds well with the era as well as the main character Eloise’s fascination with the 1960s. The music really enhances the film and places you in that time period. 

Eloise’s view of the 1960s at the beginning of the film is very glamorous and comes from a place of childlike innocence and purity. It is a representation of what she knows from the music she listens to and what her grandmother has told her about the past. As the film goes on, it gets very dark and the truth is revealed that maybe the glamorous lifestyle she always pictured isn’t so perfect. Something interesting that Edgar Wright said following the screening of the film was about how everyone wants to live in a different era, but no era is perfect. It’s interesting how sometimes people say they were born in the wrong era, but maybe it is dangerous to hold onto the good of every decade and not talk so much about the bad too.

The acting in the film is amazing. I love Anya Taylor Joy from Queen’s Gambit and Thomasin McKenzie for her role in Jojo Rabbit. They are both so incredibly talented so it was so fun to watch them take on these roles that have such depth to them. 

When the film comes out in theatres I highly recommend it for film geeks or people who enjoy thrillers. It is a really interesting concept, and very creepy because it feels so personal. Imagine if your dreams started to cross over into your reality. Now imagine if that was your worst nightmare. The film is very immersive and you feel like you are a part of it. Going into this film I had no idea what the film was about and I was absolutely terrified but at the same time this is an incredibly well done film. 


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