Eternals' Poster Offers First Glimpse of New Super Heroes | Marvel

Eternals was the first Marvel movie I didn’t like. I’ve never walked out of a marvel movie and thought meh that was okay. I wasn’t really looking forward to Eternals and honestly, I didn’t get the hype. So I didn’t have high expectations for it and it pretty much met my expectations. I found it completely overhyped and they relied too heavily on the names of the actors to market the movie. This is the first Marvel movie I probably won't watch again. 

The movie didn’t connect to the other Marvel movies at all, and what they did connect back to the MCU just didn't make sense or didn't fit. The whole explanation of why they didn’t interfere with Thanos and everything that happened a mere couple of years ago was so stupid. They would have interfered in that. You didn’t interfere when they were wiping out 50% of the known UNIVERSE but thought never mind we have to fight when it was just Earth. I didn't like the characters, there was very little character development and they all seemed pretty two-dimensional. I liked the costumes and I liked the effects but they were pretty much on par with everything we have seen in the past. I also liked the most random Harry styles cameo ever. I love Harry styles but I can’t take him seriously as an actor. 

The movie was way too serious and the plot was so slow only for it to end so abruptly. Marvel movies are supposed to be funny and have good comedic timing, and this one takes itself way too seriously it just didn’t feel like a Marvel movie at all. It was boring to watch for the most part. There was so much build-up only for such a short-lived fight scene and then this giant god in the sky is like I will take earth and kill everyone on it… but not right now I’ll give you a break. Like this celestial being or whatever can hold the earth in the palm of its hand and its mission is to destroy planets to create new celestial beings. Then he is just like bye I'll come back later to destroy Earth. What else is this guy doing that he is like not right now I'll give you a break and decide if I want to squish Earth later? It just made no sense. 

Honestly, my hope is that they do not make more of these and don’t try to connect it to the MCU at all. I don't like the direction they are going in and I think it is just getting too broad. There is so much going on at once and they are already introducing the multiverse and quantum realms and now this is just too much that it is getting silly. I’m excited to see the new Spider-Man movie and I’m also looking forward to how they connect Shang Chi with the Avengers. Eternals just seems like their attempt at making a new team and I just don’t like it. When I tell you I love Marvel I mean I'm obsessed with it so for this to be such a flop kind of makes me nervous to see what they're planning next, or if the golden years of marvel are behind us. If this movie is supposed to define the new chapter of marvel movies then I am disappointed. This movie is currently the lowest-rated Marvel movie at 48%. This is even lower than Thor: The Dark World and The Incredible Hulk which I think says a lot about the movie. 


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