Holiday Movie Challenge Day 10: Christmas movie to watch with friends


Favourite Christmas Movie to Watch With Friends: Elf 

Elf - Rotten Tomatoes

Elf is one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies. It is so funny and so stupid but it works. I love Will Pharrel and Jon Favreau and it is cool to know now after growing up with them that they worked together on this. I watched the making of Elf episode of “The Movies that made us” recently, and that made me enjoy this movie even more. I used to watch this movie with friends a lot or at school functions, so that is what I connect the film with most. Zoey Deschanel is also in this, and New Girl is one of my favourite shows. So it was so weird finding out later that she was in something that I have watched my whole childhood and never realized it was her. Really great Christmas movie, it is so much fun and great for friends and family.


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