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I was really excited for the Hawkeye series, and it was kind of a disappointment. It could have been so much better. It felt like they had all the right pieces but the execution just wasn't there. This was probably my least favourite of the Marvel shows thus far. This series was dragged out; it could have easily been four or five episodes, maybe less. It was slow, the writing wasn’t very good, and the overall flow just felt off. I think this show had a lot of potential but wasn’t properly executed to the level you would expect from Marvel.

I love Hailee Steinfeld and was so excited when I heard she was cast in the role of Kate Bishop. I have been listening to her music for a long time now and growing up I remember seeing her in Pitch Perfect, Begin Again, and Edge of Seventeen. She is perfect for this role and I really liked her character. She has a lot of potential to be a really fun and interesting character, I just think that the writing in this series failed her. I hope to see her come back in future projects.

Jeremy Renner and a lot of the returning actors were great. Although Clint Barton doesn’t really grow as a person at all, he just stays pretty much the same, just a little grumpier. I liked Florence Pugh coming back as Yelena. It makes sense for her to cross paths with Hawkeye given his connection to Natasha and the Black Widows. I just didn’t like the way they did it because I don’t think she would have jumped to those conclusions or tried to assassinate Clint. Even if she was grieving, Yelena is smarter than that. Yelena is a really fun character and she was one of my favourite parts of the series. Otherwise, I find a lot of the supporting characters to be just okay, they aren’t really that interesting or well-developed characters.

The tracksuit mafia, KingPin, Elanore, Echo, and Jack all just seem thrown into the story. I don't like any of them to be honest. I would have liked to see more of a focus on Ronan and what Clint was up to during those five years. I think these characters are a distraction from that, and their lack of depth and motives just takes away from the main characters. I don’t really understand the connection to KingPin and I think the way they used him was a waste. I didn’t like the character when he was used in Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, and this iteration of the character is no better. In general, these characters just weren’t likable from the start and were not well developed. They are just sort of there.

There is some good in the series though. I liked that it took place in New York, I liked the dog that ate pizza, and I thought the Rogers: The Musical part was really funny too. The dynamic between Kate and Clint was kind of fun. I like how she looks up to him but he’s this old kind of retired Avenger and just wants nothing to do with her. I didn’t really like the plot at all now that I think of it, just these silly things on the side. It wasn’t a bad series, I just wanted more from them. So far my favourite Marvel show is WandaVision followed by Loki. I think Marvel is getting to a point where the quality of the work is starting to not matter as much because they know people will watch it anyway. That’s how I felt about Eternals too. If you are a Marvel fan and plan to watch future films then I suggest watching the series anyway. If you are a more casual Marvel watcher I would say you can skip this one.


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