Bridgerton: Season 2

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     I really loved season one of Bridgeton, but season two was a really slow burn for me. It lost sight of what made the first season so good and didn't really live up to the hype. I watched the entire second season in one day after getting my wisdom teeth taken out. There was very little about this season that really stood out to me and I felt there was a lot more they could have explored. Instead, for the most part, I found it kind of boring until it really picked up at the end. I'd say the last two episodes are when it really gets any good. The first season was very exciting and filled with plot twists and ups and downs, which this season did not have. I found the last few episodes of this season to be the best of the season, but the first five or six episodes are very slow. 

       The cinematography is still beautiful, the sets, lighting, and costumes, are stunning. This was one of the reasons I watched the first season in the first place and what ultimately made me like the show so much. I felt that in this season the quality of the story didn't match the quality of the production. How beautiful the show is, is one of the reasons wanted to watch season 2. I felt this season's plotline was too similar to last season and didn't offer anything really all that new. 

    One thing I really liked about this season was its new characters. Kate and Edwina were great additions to the show in terms of story and overall representation. I saw Simone Ashley (Kate in Bridgerton) who plays Olivia in Sex Education and I didn't like her in that very much so I was originally unphased by her addition to the cast. I think she is much better in this and I really liked her character. I liked the focus on Anthony's character. I like that they gave him a little more depth in this season. Now he is a lot more complex and interesting to watch than last season, and we get to learn more about him and why he is the way he is. I am glad that Anthony gets his happy ending at the end of everything, whereas last season I absolutely hated his character. My favourite character over the last two seasons is definitely Eloise, and I felt like even though this season was her debut, she was barely in this season. I understand that this season is supposed to follow the second book which follows Anthony, I just wish they had more of a focus on Eloise. But above all...I think my new favourite character is now the peacock lol. 


    Overall, I found the first season was definitely more dramatic and more interesting. This season is good but not as good as the first season was. The show is still very well made and I enjoyed it, I just had higher expectations for this season and it just didn't live up to them. If you have never seen Bridgerton I highly recommend watching it, it is very different from a lot of other shows I watch. If you watched the first season but are on the fence about watching the second season, I still recommend sticking with the show and watching its new season, it's just not as good as the first season was. Now that I have finished it so quickly, I kind of miss the show and I am excited about a third season and to return to the world of Bridgerton. 


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