Thor: Love and Thunder

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This movie was such a letdown for me. I was so excited going into this film and I hoped that this would be another great Marvel film, especially under the direction of one of my favourite directors, Taika Waititi. But, I was wrong. Recently, Marvel has been going in a direction that I don’t really like and this film only followed this trend. After the craziness that was Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, I was hoping this film would put Marvel back on track. Being a fan of Marvel is getting more demanding when you can’t keep up with the movies and the shows. It has really become quantity over quality, made as fast as possible and released one after the other. Although in the past I have liked it when Marvel does something different, it’s becoming too much and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t feel like Marvel and it doesn’t have the same depth and detail as the films of the past.

This film has no story arc at all, there is no flow to this film. There was no real character development and everyone just feels like a shell of the characters we usually love. I would have liked to see more of Valkarie and the Guardians of the Galaxy. I love the Guardians of the Galaxy but I absolutely hated how they were used in this film. In the trailer, it looks like they are integral to the film and this whole journey when instead they are really only on screen for the first five minutes. Their cameo does not feel like it is part of the film, it feels like the story leading up to a ride at Disney World. I liked Christian Bale as the villain, Gorr but I think they just wasted the character in this film. He is such a serious villain and it just didn’t work for me with the tone of the movie.

The whole film feels like a crazy look inside the inner workings of Taika Waititi’s brain. So much is just nonsense, there is no flow and it's just a whole lot of weird. It's not that Marvel movies need to be serious, but it just feels like a joke compared to the old films. Honestly, this film just wasn’t funny. They recycled the same four jokes over and over again. There was not a single joke that really stood out to me and I expected so much more. The humour felt very forced and like they were trying to recreate Thor Ragnarok (and failed to do so). I also found that most of these jokes were wasted in the trailer and I already knew they were coming. 

The only thing that I really really liked about this film is that Natalie Portman is back! Her return is a little bittersweet because it is a little sad, but nonetheless, I liked her return to the MCU. I really never thought she would return to the role so it was cool to see her back as Jane Foster. To wrap this up, this is not a film that will be memorable for me or make my favourite list of Marvel movies. I still love Thor and the Thor film series so I hope they learn from this and still make a Thor 5. At the same time I think the story arc of this character was finished back in Avengers: Endgame and there isn’t much left to explore. If you are not a big Marvel fan, this one is okay to miss.


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