This movie is so cute! Crush is about a girl named Paige, an artist, trying to get into the University of California’s Arts program. When the blame is pinned on her for vandalizing the school under the name “King Pun”, she is forced into joining her high school track team. On the team are her two best friends, her crush Gabby, and Gabby’s sister AJ. She must figure out who the real vandal is to avoid being suspended, while also navigating her complicated new found love life, and coming up with an art piece for her university application.

This was one of the most predictable movies I have ever seen, but even though I knew what was coming it was still fun to watch it play out. The casting of this film was really well done, I grew up watching Rowan Blanchard on Girl Meets World so I loved seeing her in this. Tyler Alvarez played my favourite character in Blockbuster and I loved Isabella Ferreira in Love, Victor. So it was a nice surprise to see them in this as well. My favourite character in this movie was AJ played by Auli’l Cravalho. I’ve never seen anything before and she was awesome in this movie.

There are only a few movies out there that centre around girls liking girls. I love their relationship and the process of the main character figuring out her feelings. Having a crush always feels so awkward and you act a little strange, so it's funny but also relatable to see the way she interacts with her crushes.

I also really loved the artwork that the vandal “King Pun” would create. It was cute and the art element of the film was a lot of fun. The reveal of who King Pun was, was so predictable and I think I knew like 15 minutes into the movie. The reveal is super anti-climactic but I still loved this movie. Let's just say the plot is not the strongest element of this movie. The set and costume design are what really stood out to me the most in this film. 

Overall, I do recommend this movie, it is just lighthearted and fun. Its a wonderful spotlight on queer characters and a nice lil queer love story. Good for a rainy day when you need something to just make you happy. Even though it was cringy at times, I found it funny. Definitely give it a watch.


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