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This movie was so much fun! I had no idea what to expect going into this movie. The casting is what originally made me want to go see it. Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell and Catherine Ohara were amazing in this movie. They were able to flip seamlessly between the different versions of their characters. Samuel L. Jackson was a great surprise in this movie too, his character was so funny to watch. Ariana Debose and Dua Lipa were also great additions to the cast. I'm surprised they were able to get such A-list actors to play these small supporting rolesas it really elevated the movie that much more.

At first, I didn’t like it and the whole first act was boring. I didn't love the book versions of the scenes, and since the first couple of acts were heavily in the book world, I didn't love it at first. I kind of accepted that it wasn’t going to be very good. Then the whole story flipped upside down and then flipped again and again. I have never seen a movie with so many plot twists. This also made the first act much more integral to the plot than I originally thought.

The dialogue wasn’t great throughout the film, sometimes it felt awkward and didn’t feel how real people talk. This was such a creative film, and there were so many twists and turns that I genuinely didn’t know what was coming next. When you watch a lot of movies like I do you can guess the ending of these types of mystery movies pretty quickly, this one I simply couldn’t do that this time.

The dance scene and the skating scene were amazing. They were both such random but genius scenes. The best twist was when it turned out her mom and dad were not her parents. There were so many unexpected twists that I could never have even begun to guess the ending. It was funny, creative, and pure chaos. I loved it. It was so bizarre and all over the place at times, but I kind of loved the movie's chaos. 

Overall, I liked this movie and loved how creative and fun it was. It didn’t follow a traditional format and every time you finally think you understand it, there is a whole new twist. Sometimes it made no sense and I was a little confused, but I don't think it took away from the plot. I would like to go back and see this movie to see what I missed. I think the only thing this movie is truly missing is John Cena and Henry Caville should have kissed at the end of the movie. Now that would get people talking. 


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