Feel Good

Feel Good is a British comedy that centres around Mae (Mae Martin), a Canadian Comedian and recovering drug addict living in the UK and their up-and-down relationship with George (Charlotte Ritchie). This is a great show and I binge-watched the whole thing in two days. It is very short with only two seasons and only a few episodes per season.

I came across it on Netflix and recognized Mae Martin, who is a popular Canadian comedian. The first time I saw them was in Last One Laughing where they were the second one out and honestly, I didn’t find them very funny. However, that show is one weird setting and their other stuff is actually really funny.

This show is so beautiful and it's amazing what it does for gay representation in a way I have never seen it represented before. Throughout the show, they are navigating so many problems like drug abuse, relationships, a career in comedy, and sexual harassment in the workplace. It's loosely based on Mae Martin’s life and their problems with drug and alcohol abuse, getting kicked out as a kid and being taken in by people who were twice their age. Which was crazy to me to find out that they had actually gone through some of this stuff. It makes the series that much more personal and more meaningful for me. 

Sometimes the jokes fall a little flat but in some parts I burst out laughing. The whole time you don’t know if they will really end up together or find new people that are better fits for them, simply because they are so toxic and awful to each other in the beginning. What I really love is that the two main characters are always learning and evolving. They learn about their own needs and their partner’s needs and they learn to support each other. They also learn how to take care of themselves and better themselves through every mistake. You really fall in love with these two characters and you want them to succeed, so watching them grow is very special. I only watched this show for two days and I feel so connected to them. 

There is a really interesting dynamic between the two characters that you feel like you can’t look away from. Then on top of all of their drama, they throw in all these zany side characters like Mae’s mom (Lisa Kudrow), Elliot (Jordan Stephens), Phil (Phil Burgers), and Maggie (Sophie Thompson). These characters really push Mae and George to change and at times they add the most random comic relief. Lisa Kudrow as Mae's mom is hilarious and I really love the way they act together, especially the ghost train scene. 

I really loved this show and I have been recommending it to everyone I come into contact with recently. When I finished watching it I even went back to the first episode just to see where the characters were in the beginning again. I couldn’t stop watching it and I binged it so fast. I would love for there to be a third season, but at the same time I feel like it wrapped up very nicely so we will see where it goes next. 


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