Frozen II

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Frozen II is the ideal sequel to the beloved children’s original movie. The new movie has all the same elements of the first one, with better animation and a new soundtrack to play over and over again till it is imprinted in your brain. The film finally answers the questions of where Elsa and Anna’s parents were going when their ship was wrecked and what the source of Elsa’s powers is. Additionally, why only Elsa was granted these abilities and not her sister Anna. The abilities of technology in the world of film is changing everyday and this is evident in the comparison of Frozen to Frozen II. In terms of animation this film is beautiful and a work of art.

The characters we know and love return for this funny adventure sequel where Erindale needs to be saved from impending danger. In this movie we get to see more of the newly formed bond between Anna and Elsa. This bond is nice to see for young girls with sisters and provides strong role models for girls aside from the typical classic Disney princess. It is a really sweet film that kids will love. However, I feel that adults will get bored watching this with them.

The plot of this film is extremely simple and predictable at times. This plot lacks any real depth and does not really go anywhere. The characters kind of just go through the motions -- in danger, save the day, celebrate. Not that this is unexpected for an animated kids movie, but it made it harder to really enjoy if you are not the targeted audience. Especially given that compared to the plot of the first film which was surprisingly really well thought out, you would expect more from the second as well. In the first film there were twists and you got emotionally invested in hating characters like Han, instead in this film you really have no emotional connections towards anything.

In terms of music I really liked this soundtrack, even better than in the first movie. The ‘Let it Go’ of this movie was ‘Into the Unknown’. Which we have been belting out in the car ever since seeing the movie. What I also liked was the rendition of the song done by Panic! At the Disco, which was amazing, as I am a fan of the band.


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