Spies in Disguise

Spies in Disguise (2019) - IMDb

This animated film starring Will Smith and Tom Holland is a unique, fun, and family friendly film. It is honestly, a brilliant film and the story line is different from the standard children’s animated film. This was a really funny movie leaving us quoting the film all day long. The film shares an important message, especially in today’s society. I highly recommend to see this movie as a family, it has a little something for everyone and is enjoyable for all ages.

I really enjoyed the casting choices made for this particular film. The dynamic between Will Smith’s character and Tom Holland’s character is perfect. Then you have the familiar voices of Karen Gillian and DJ Khaled, who's characters create funny moments throughout the film. The two main characters each have a strong character arc and the story line allows them to grow throughout the movie. The character that everyone can connect to and loves is Tom Holland’s Walter Beckett. Walter is the perfect role model for kids, being someone who represents the good side of things and always wants to do the right thing. The character is dedicated to his work and driven to get the agency to turn to better alternatives over violence. He’s a well rounded character who plays well off of Agent Sterling. I think this character will resonate well with kids who can connect to ever feeling like an outsider or being different.

The film is riddled with jokes and humorous scenes for all age groups to enjoy. For a kid’s film has a lot of elementary humour that kids would love. It also contains extremely subtle jokes for older audience members. These jokes fit seamlessly into the film and go right over kids' heads, making it truly the ideal film. The music was surprisingly really well done for example the intro to the scene in Mexico had us dancing to ‘Con Calma’ by Daddy Yankee. The music always fit or enhanced the scene and for that reason it really stood out to me as something they did really well. For a movie we assumed would be predictable being made for specifically kids, it exceeded expectations and genuinely surprised me.


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