Parasite is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It is a masterpiece of film in cinematography, story, and acting. It is a completely original story, I don’t think there is anything like it out there today. Bong Joon Ho is a very technical director and very creative in his works. He always makes you think about society and question your surroundings. I think the film’s performance at the 92nd Academy Awards speaks volumes for the film as it takes home best picture, best director, best original screenplay, and best foreign language film. Making its mark as the first international film to win best picture in the award show’s ninety-two years. I think this film indicates how film can be used to tell stories from all around the world. Furthermore, that we should watch films from places across the world to gain a better perspective and not limit ourselves to American mainstream content. I think director Bong Joon Ho said it best in his Golden Globes speech - “Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films”.

The story line for Parasite is something we have never seen before in mainstream media. I think it stands out because it's so odd and peculiar. It has all these different dynamics that really make you think. It catches you off guard. You never truly know what will happen next, it keeps you on your toes. Even though it centers around the split social classes in South Korea, it is easily applicable to life in North America, and probably worldwide. Making the film extremely relevant to today’s society in ways you might have never even thought of. I feel like I went into the theatre with absolutely no expectations, and fell in love with it. When you finally think you have figured out what it’s all about, it twists and changes into a completely different story, which is incredible. It all starts with the son of the Kim family, when he becomes the tutor of the young girl of the Park Family. The Kim family are not wealthy, in fact they are pretty much on the complete opposite end of the spectrum in comparison to the Park family. Then that is where the scamming begins, gaining the trust of the Park family and convincing them that they need to replace the old household workers they have with new ones (secretly their family members). They do this in numerous ways throughout the film taking over as their tutor, art teacher, driver, and maid. Showing how people can be deceitful and have alternative motives. It is a relationship between two families driven by class difference, greed, and Park’s discrimination towards the lower class (Kim family).

The title ‘Parasite’ itself is a metaphor for what happens throughout the story. I think we don’t see that often in films where the title has a deeper meaning. Honestly, in Hollywood typically names seem pretty standard or as they are, whereas I think this title is extremely eye catching and evokes curiosity. Throughout the film you will find the odd insect in place. The idea being that the insects (“parasites”) invade the home, take shelter there, they take advantage of what they can and they multiply. It’s a metaphor hidden in plain sight, and is used purposely to help drive the main idea. The metaphor being that this particular family is doing the same thing with the rich family. They ‘invade’ the home, multiply, and take advantage of the wealthy.

Parasite has a beautiful use of colour, lighting, and camera angles. Every shot looks carefully planned and you can assume everything is done for a reason. Leading you to notice small details you wouldn’t otherwise notice. The direction makes you look where they want you to look, drawing your attention to where they want it. The setting is incredible and they take advantage of natural lines created by the architecture and props. An example of a nice camera angle that I liked was the bird’s eye view of the street. They use lighting as an indicator of the mood, the house itself is very bright with use of light colours. Then becomes darker or tinted when something darker happens. A strong use of contrast is used as well, I think this is most prominent in the scenes that take place outside for example the party or the streets of the poorer area of South Korea, where the Kim family lives.

In conclusion, this is a film for people who appreciate good cinema. It is a work of art in all aspects of film. It rightfully won best picture, as likely the best film to come out of 2019. Additionally, the film is a masterpiece of technique and art. Bong Joon Ho’s direction is to be praised for his work with this film. It is creative, different, and the perfect film. This film is made for people who love and understand film. It is made to teach an important lesson on social construct in today’s society. Parasite is a monumental film that pushes the barrier to introduce international films into the typically North American content driven world.


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